Why do People get Depressed, and How to END Depression?

Depression seems to be a very common problem from which a lot of us suffer. It has become very common today for people to visit psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, and professionals who have somehow mastered the workings of the mind.

Over the years, I have been suffering from depression a lot. I had even considered going to a counsellor at one point to find out exactly what’s wrong with my mind.

Fortunately, I was a miser. I decided I’d rather try and figure it out myself rather than paying thousands of rupees to some random person with a bunch of certificates.

Quite honestly, I was a little strange. I mean whenever we go to a therapist or a counselor, we check the person’s qualification. The more certificates the person has, the better they know their stuff, right? To me, it was the other way round. I always felt that the more certificates a person had, the more stupid they must be.

A few people would find it easy agree with what I just said and will say that certificates do not matter, but experience does. To me, both are useless.

Experiences are just as useless as certificates. You may ask why? Understand that collecting experiences can become an ego trip just like collecting knowledge. Unless a certain experience in life has given you a certain insight, that experience is useless.

Knowledge does not matter. Experience does not matter either. What matters in life is insight. Every problem in life can be handled if we have a certain insight. Before we could get an understand how to get rid of depression, let us first have an insight on what depression is.

  • What is Depression?

Depression is a product of lack of acceptance of a certain circumstance or situation in life. Just ponder over your entire life and look at all the times that you have felt depressed.

Whenever you have wanted something in life to go a certain way, you’ve been depressed. To put it simply, you wanted something, but couldn’t get it.

Let’s take a very common example. You have gone through a breakup and you’re feeling depressed. The man or woman you loved has broken your heart. Now you’re feeling depressed obviously because you didn’t expect something like that to happen.

I will get into the details of this further, but for now, I just want you to understand the reason why you get depressed. For now, just hold on to this idea that depression is caused by non-acceptance of a certain situation. As we go further into this, you will be able to understand this with more clarity.

  • What Isn’t Depression?

It is not only important to understand what depression is, but also what it isn’t. I can write an entire thesis on what depression is, but until you don’t understand what depression isn’t, you will remain ignorant. Let us get clear on this before we get any further.

  • Sadness or any other negative emotion isn’t Depression:

Please understand that in life, there will always be situations where you will feel negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, frustration, hatred, jealousy and so on. To feel such emotions does not mean that you are depressed.

To condemn these emotions is what leads to depression. Earlier when I gave you the example of going through a heartbreak, you may have been surprised when I said you need to accept your situation and not feel depressed.

Yes, I did say that you shouldn’t feel depressed, but I didn’t say that you cannot feel sad, or that you cannot feel angry or other negative emotions.

Whenever we go through a certain loss in life, it is inevitable to feel sad. Sadness is natural, so it isn’t wrong. On the other hand, depression is wrong, because depression comes as a result of condemnation of sadness.

To feel sad is okay, but to say that “Sadness shouldn’t be there” is not okay, because that means you are against sadness. This is denial or non-acceptance. This denial or non-acceptance of the negative emotion is what depression is.

So remember, depression isn’t the negative emotions that come as a result of a certain situation. Depression is, in fact, a state in which you do not want the negative emotion to be there.

  • Give your negative emotions a “Chance”:

When you feel happy, joyful and ecstatic, you never complain. Do the same when you feel negative emotions. Why complain. In life give everything a chance to express itself.

If a positive emotion arises in you, give it a chance. If you feel happy, express the emotion of happiness totally. Completely lose yourself into happiness.

This ability to lose yourself into happiness will give you the strength to lose yourself into sadness as well because happiness and sadness are not separate emotions. They are the same emotions expressing themselves in different ways.

Therefore, you will be able to give your negative emotions a chance only when you have given your positive emotions a chance. Unfortunately, people live life halfheartedly. Have you noticed that when you are happy, you aren’t really happy? In fact, when you are happy, you immediately become afraid.

You think, “This isn’t normal”. How can I feel happy? Just observe yourself carefully. Whenever you are happy, you start to feel afraid because perhaps this happiness may not be there forever.

Why should you bother, though? You are happy right now, so can’t you just be happy?

The same thing happens when you feel sadness. You feel that this sadness will remain forever, but in life, nothing is forever. Everything is temporary.

Life itself is eternal, but everything that is part of life is temporary. With this understanding, things become simple. Now, when you feel frustration, anger, hatred or any other negative emotion, you don’t get depressed anymore because you understand the temporary nature of all these emotions.

  • Move Beyond Duality:

Moving beyond this duality of happiness and sadness, darkness and light, pain and pleasure is what ultimately ends depression.

Mystics have always emphasized on the dual nature of existence and moving beyond it. It may not be so easy to move beyond these emotions, but even the awareness that these emotions are transitory, leaves a deep feeling of contentment.

For a while you may feel depressed, and then again, when you become aware of your depression, you will start to feel lighter. Your depression will slowly subside as you start to see the whole absurdity of it.

  • Final Words:

Depression is something which cannot end unless we do not accept life the way it is. Until we are capable of accepting everything that life has to offer with a heart full of gratitude, depression will be there, because depression and non-acceptance are just two different words that have the same meaning.

If you are feeling depressed about anything right now, it is not that life intends for you to feel that way, but it is you who are not willing to accept life.

Hence, depression is not really a medical condition as most people think of it to be. If depression was a medical condition then the entire world needs medical help.

Depression is just a small misunderstanding that people have. If you put an end to this misunderstanding, depression then becomes a stepping stone towards achieving something more valuable in life.

Use every experience in life in such a way that it becomes a transforming force for you to move beyond it.

What are your views on depression, and how have you managed to handle difficult situations in your own life? Do let me know in the comments down below. I would love to hear from you.

What is Mysticism? Understanding the Subtle Differences between Materialism, Religion, Spirituality and Mysticism

Mysticism is one of the least talked about subjects. We often talk about God, Heaven, Hell, the soul, and things like these, but our understanding of what mysticism is is very limited or perhaps even non-existent.

Why is it important to understand what Mysticism is?The world has come to a point where every philosophy, religion or spiritual practice has proved to be a failure.

The world has come to a point where every philosophy, religion or spiritual practice has proved to be a failure. The proof of this lies in the misery that man has created for himself over thousands of years.

Man has conquered the material world to a great extent. What he has failed to conquer on the other hand is himself. In my view, conquering oneself is the only thing that makes life worth living.

Every experience in life should lead us closer and closer to understanding ourselves better, not just on the physical level, but on all three levels of Body, Mind, and Spirit – This to me, is the essence of mysticism.

To understand mysticism, we would need to understand a few other things that we have been so familiar with over the years.

Essentially, you will find four types of people in the world:

  • Materialistic
  • Religious
  • Spiritual
  • Mystics

We will discuss each of these individuals in detail to have an understanding of what mysticism is.

  • Materialistic:

Almost 90 percent of people in the world belong to this category. Perhaps even more than that. The problem with an individual that is materialistic is not that he enjoys the worldly pleasures that life has to offer.

What makes a man materialistic is not that he uses objects and things in the world that contribute to sensory pleasure, but the fact that he is so involved with them, that he is incapable of looking beyond them.

There is no problem with living a wealthy life, having sex, eating delicious food and so on. The problem is the obsession. The problem is denying everything else that can be beautiful and focusing your entire attention only on materialistic needs.

Hence mysticism has nothing to do with a man who is materialistic. A materialistic person can never be a mystic.

  • Religious:

We then have the second category of Individuals who claim to be religious. The religious person is not very different from a materialistic person. In fact, they are both the same.

A materialistic person denies God, whereas the religious person denies material. The religious person has simply changed his object of focus. A materialistic person focuses his attention entirely on material, whereas a religious person makes God, Heaven, Hell or the afterlife as his objects of desire.

Hence, psychologically there isn’t much of a difference between atheism and theism. Objects may very, but the mind that clings remains the same.

Therefore, you will notice that Christians, Muslims, Jews, or anybody belonging to any particular organized religion are not very different. They are not religious in any way, as a matter of fact, they are hoarders.

Just as a wealthy man hoards his wealth, the religious man hoards his God. The existence of different religions is a simple way of claiming that my God is superior to your God.

People belonging to a certain religion may say that all religions are one, but in subtle ways, they go on condemning other religions. In fact, to claim that “I am a Christian”, or “I am a Jew” is a way of saying that what you believe is wrong. My belief is right.

This is absolutely stupid. It doesn’t matter whose belief is right and wrong. Belief itself is wrong, and all organized religions are based on beliefs.

  • Spiritual:

We then have the third category of individuals, who claim to be spiritual. There is nothing wrong with being spiritual as such. The only problem is that every individual that is spiritual has his own idea of what spirituality is.

To put it simply, a spiritual person is not really interested in reality. He believes in his own illusions. A materialistic person believes in his materialistic illusions; A religious person believes in his religious illusions; whereas, a spiritual person believes in his own ideas.

  • A spiritual person finds an easy way out:

Another thing about a spiritual person is that he always finds an easy way out. A spiritual person will find his own way of doing a certain thing and will claim spirituality. For example, a few years ago, I used to work at a company and I was sitting at my desk with some of my colleagues. We weren’t busy at that time so we were all relaxing and talking about various things.

Looking at us, another one of our colleagues from a different department joined in the conversation. Suddenly the topic of religion came up. This woman was a Christian, and she said to us that although she was a Christian, she was not religious in any way. As a matter of fact, she was spiritual.

I asked her what was her idea of being spiritual was. What she told me was, “I like to sit on my own inside the church silently – This is my idea of being spiritual”.

If you notice, this woman had her own idea of being spiritual. Also, what a comfortable idea? Sitting inside a Church silently, not doing anything meant being spiritual.

Now I am not saying that sitting in silence is wrong, In fact, a few moments of silence are tremendously important, but the problem was that this woman was obsessed with comfort.

It is very comfortable to sit silently. You don’t need to do anything. To add to that, you call yourself spiritual which is even better because now, you are not only enjoying your idea of what spirituality means, but you are also taking pride in having your own idea or concept.

  • Mystics:

A mystic is a person who can be materialistic, religious, and spiritual, but yet none of them.

A mystic is not religious in the sense that he is a Christian, Muslim, Jew or anything. He is religious in the sense that he is unbiased.

A mystic’s idea of being religious is embracing the best of every religion. A mystic will appreciate Jesus just as much as he can appreciate Buddha, Mahavir, Mohammed or any other mystic.

In fact, a mystic is not concerned with the superficial aspects of religion. He is concerned with the essential aspects of religion.

Ordinarily, a religious person is someone who does just the opposite. A pseudo-religious person is not concerned with the essential.

A pseudo-religious person fasts; He has a certain agenda; He goes to pray in the church or mosque on certain days or certain times in a day.

A mystic has no agenda. He is free and every decision made, is made out of his freedom and understanding of truth.

A mystic is basically a person who never goes against freedom and truth. If required, he is willing to fast, pray, or even sacrifice, but that is not some duty he is trying to fulfill. He is not fasting or praying because that is what he is told to do, but because it is required.

A mystic does not follow rules. A mystic follows life, and whatever is required at a certain point in life, he does it.

Unlike a spiritual person, he is willing to take risks. He does not cling to his own ideas. On the other hand, at any given time, he is completely willing to change his ideas for the sake of understanding the truth.

  • Final Words about Mysticism:

A person who has left all concepts, ideas, philosophies and has decided to understand life exactly the way it is, is a mystic. The entire science of trying to get closer and closer to the ultimate truth of life is what mysticism is all about.

Mysticism is the entire art of living life without gathering knowledge. Normally, what we consider religion or spirituality is just an intellectual game. Mysticism is abandoning knowledge and embracing the truth.

The deeper a person gets into mysticism, the more ignorant he becomes, but this ignorance is not the same ignorance as that of an ordinary person. The ignorance of a mystic has a certain intelligence to it. The ignorance of a mystic has a childlike quality to it. A child although ignorant is still intelligent, because a child is one with existence.

To become one, or to work towards becoming one with existence will make you ignorant, but on the other hand, it will give you intelligence.

A person who is filled with knowledge may not be ignorant, but he will lack intelligence. To sacrifice intelligence at the cost of becoming knowledgeable is one of the most unfortunate things to do in life.

Knowledge makes you a robot, but intelligence makes you human. Even a computer has more knowledge than an average human being, but can you consider a computer to be intelligent? Absolutely not.

What are your thoughts on mysticism? Do share your experiences, opinions or views in the comments down below.


Why do Most Women seem like Gold Diggers?

I was recently on YouTube and came across a couple of videos and pranks which portrayed women as Gold diggers.

Not just on YouTube, but the word itself has been used so often over the internet that it creates a huge gap between men and women.

Even in our conversations, we often hear our friends talk about women being Gold Diggers. A woman always seems to be interested in men who have more wealth. To most men out there who are not doing well financially, this seems like a total deal breaker.

All of these things that I’ve come across have compelled me to write this article.

The reason why most women seem like gold diggers has nothing to do with them being shallow. The entire psychology of a woman is such that she cannot help but be that way.

When a woman seeks a man who has loads of wealth, it has little to do with the wealth he has. In fact, a woman’s search for a wealthy man has a lot to do with certain qualities associated with the man as opposed to the wealth itself. I would like to discuss this in more detail.


  • A Woman’s Need for Security:

The first thing I would like to talk about is a woman’s need for security. This is a very fundamental reason why women seem like Gold diggers. Money brings security in many ways, and a woman’s need for security is very deep.

A man builds a house, for which money is required – this house becomes a woman’s security. So the first thing to understand is that when a woman seeks a man who is independent and has a house of his own, it has a lot to do with this need for security.

On the outside, it definitely looks as though the woman is after the man’s money, but if you notice from the example I just gave above, money is just an indirect way of asking for security.

A woman will check for a man’s bank balance and things like that, but all of these things are just superficial. Basically, through a man who has wealth, a woman is searching for security.

  • Why search for security when you have yourself?

The first question that arises in an individual’s mind is: “Why search for security when each individual on this earth is independent”.

First of all, it is true that each individual on earth has his own unique identity. Neither men nor women need anybody in order to feel secure, fulfilled or happy. This is the first understanding.

The second understanding is that everything in life is interdependent. People do not like to be interdependent. They would rather be independent.

Interdependence gives you the feeling that you need the other person in order to feel better about yourself. This idea is false. Interdependence has nothing to do with dependence. Do not confuse the two words.

Dependence arises out of need. Dependence arises out of lack. On the other hand, independence gives you a certain ego. When a person says he is independent, what he is basically saying is that he can exist without anything in the world.

Interdependence is a natural phenomenon occurring in existence. For example, for light to be recognised, darkness is needed. Similarly, for darkness to be labelled as “darkness”, light is needed. Darkness and Light are inseparable. They are two sides of the same coin.

Men and women as well are the same. They are inseparable. The fact that women seek men who are wealthy has nothing to do with their wealth. As a matter of fact, a woman’s search for security is deeply rooted in the fulfilment of her feminine self, which I’ll talk about in the next subtopic.

If any of this does not make sense to you, just hang on, because there are many things to understand before all the information in this article comes together.

  • Women seek men with a Vision:

I spoke about the basic need for security in a woman, which is just a superficial matter. What I’m going to be discussing now is something far more important than a woman’s need for security.

Over the years, I have noticed that women are immensely attracted towards men that are dreamers. You will see the craze that women have for musicians and actors.

If you ever talk to a woman, notice her eyes, her gestures, or her body language when she talks to you about her favourite musician, actor or artist.

A vast majority of women read romance novels, and if the writer of the novel is a man, you will notice that it is not just the writing that the woman has fallen in love with. The woman has in fact, fallen in love with the author as well.

A man with a dream or a vision is a woman’s greatest longing. So it is not important if a man has the money or not. That is not a woman’s concern at all, but it may seem like that. Why? because a man’s success in the outside world automatically makes him wealthy.

His passion for music, art, poetry or any other forms of creative expression is what makes him rich, so for a person looking at it superficially, it seems very obvious that a woman is seeking for the man’s wealth, but that isn’t the case.

  • Wealth is not the real thing, the dream is:

If you have ever observed women carefully, you would understand that a woman’s fulfilment indirectly lies in a man’s dream. It doesn’t matter who the man is. If a man can convince a woman that he is a dreamer, if he can convince her that he can become a great musician, a painter or an entrepreneur some day, the woman will immediately feel a certain attraction towards the man.

A few men have known this, and they have used this to their advantage, which I am absolutely against. This is one of the ugliest things any man can do.

The same men that play these games with women start to then blame women for being Gold Diggers. Once their sexual desires are satisfied, the woman is then forgotten.

  • A woman’s interest is always deeper:

I have rarely come across women in my life who have been Gold Diggers. In fact, I have noticed that a woman’s interests are always deeper. I have seen women fall in love with men that have absolutely nothing going on as far as looks are concerned.

Women love men that are smooth talkers, talented, or men that have a certain charisma. This is a clear indication that a woman’s involvement in man is always on a deeper level than a man’s involvement in a woman.

At the beginning of a relationship, it is surprising to see women so much involved in the subtle qualities of a man. A man, on the other hand, can ignore everything beautiful that may be part of a woman’s inside world because a man’s attraction towards a woman is basically superficial.

If a man can find a woman that is beautiful on the outside, his search has almost come to an end. In fact, it takes a few sexual encounters for a man to notice a woman’s ugliness.

  • Man and woman’s involvement with each other:

A woman, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Her interest in a man keeps getting more and more deeper as the relationship continues. That is why women find it so difficult to get into another relationship immediately after a heartbreak.

Men on the flipside do not take much time to get into another relationship. In fact, if any beautiful woman shows them sympathy they are immediately attracted.

With women, it is not so easy. It takes many months for a woman to come out of a certain trauma that a man has caused her because her involvement with the man was far deeper than the body.

  • Men and women, after a heartbreak:

Notice a man and a woman after a heartbreak. A man makes so much fuss about a breakup. He will go on for years. I have a few friends who have been crying over a breakup for years. Years go by and men do not seem to recover. This is just a man’s way of showing that he was deeply involved with the woman.

A man who has not recovered from a breakup for many years is just trying to prove that he was involved with a woman on a more deeper level than the physical.

That is why, although a woman was more deeply involved with a man, after a heartbreak, the man always suffers more than the woman. This may seem contradictory to what I just said, but you need to understand what I’m trying to highlight here.

  • Man suffers more after a heartbreak:

Logically, it is absolutely sensible that a woman should suffer more than a man after a heartbreak, but the complete opposite happens. The man suffers more than the woman.

There are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is that when a man loses a woman who loved him, he feels a deep fear inside him. He feels like he may not be able to find another woman who can love him the way she loved him. On the other hand, a woman does not suffer as much, because she doesn’t feel any guilt.

She loved the man wholeheartedly. She did everything that she could. Hence, there is no guilt involved.

Secondly, a woman suffers in instalments, unlike a man. A man’s suffering comes all at once. How often do you see men cry? Very rarely. Once in a while, they may cry. On the other hand, a woman cries almost regularly.

She may cry for absolutely silly reasons, and to men, it seems stupid, but it is a strategy. The fact that she suffers a little every day makes her feel light. She throws a little bit of her burden every day. Men collect their burden for many years and suddenly one fine day, it becomes too heavy to handle.

Therefore, a man’s anguish, pain and misery are far more overwhelming than a woman’s. You cannot compare the suffering that a man goes through. A man’s suffering can either make him insane or enlightened. Anyway, that’s a whole different topic altogether.

  • Why are women NOT Gold Diggers?

All of this finally brings us to the question we first started with: Why do women seem like Gold Diggers? If women are not Gold diggers, why does it appear like that? I’m assuming you’ve read everything carefully. If so, it should be clear to understand that we haven’t gone deeply into the psyche of a woman to find out exactly what she is in search of.

If you’ve read everything carefully, it is clear to understand that we haven’t gone deeply into the psyche of a woman to find out exactly what she is in search of.

A woman may fall in love with a man who is wealthy, but somewhere deep inside her, there is a longing to be part of the man’s dream.

A woman’s entire world revolves around dreams until she finds a man who can make her dreams more tangible. Through a man, a woman lives her own dreams – this is the crux of the matter.

  • A woman’s entire life revolves around art, music and poetry:

You will not find many women interested in creating any poetry, art, literature, and music as much a man is. Why is this so? because a woman’s whole life revolves around these things.

A woman’s entire life has a certain poetry, art, or music to it. Therefore, she does not need to do something to prove it. Unlike a man, she does not feel the need to create anything in the world, although you will be surprised to know that whatever men have created in the world is because of women.

The fact that man is so much involved in creating music, art, poetry, philosophy and things like these is because of women. If women never existed, I don’t think people like Einstein, Van-Gogh, Picasso, Mozart, or Gautam Buddha would be possible.

It is women that somehow inspire men to soar higher in life. This is the beauty of a woman. We always talk about great men, but the real credit should go to the women who have been part of their lives.A woman may not create anything which may seem valuable in the world, but from my own perspective, women have contributed far more beauty in the world than men could ever imagine.

A woman may not create anything which may seem valuable in the world, but from my own perspective, women have contributed far more beauty in the world than men could ever imagine.

The reason why a woman’s contribution is not visible is because we are basically living in a world that has given very little importance to feminine qualities.

  • Women are more subtle in their expression:

This is how feminine energy works. In terms of expression, women are far more subtle than men. Feminine energy is not aggressive. A woman’s creativity is so subtle that it is almost invisible, but ask any man who has gained anything worthwhile in life. If a man has really had some insight, he will tell you that it is all because of a certain woman in his life that his success has been possible.

It is women that compel men to do things. Therefore, it makes me sad when we label women as Gold Diggers.

The entire beauty of a woman lies in the fact that she does not want any credit in the outside world. All that a woman is seeking in life is fulfilment. When a man achieves something in life, it is a moment of great pride for the woman because what she has been dreaming for years has been fulfilled.

Have you looked into a mother’s eyes when her son accomplishes something great in life? Have you seen the love, the joy, or the pride that radiates through her entire being?

This does not mean to say that a woman cannot fulfil her dreams. Every Individual is fully capable of fulfilling his or her dreams, but the fact that a woman allows a man to do all of those things in life is one of the qualities of feminine energy. Therefore Lao Tzu, in his book refers to the Tao as being feminine.

This whole existence is feminine.

  • Final Words:

In life, everything beautiful is given to you by existence. Existence is this invisible force that creates worlds, but that force never takes the credit.

It is man who ultimately gets all the credit.

When your heart is filled with immense gratitude, you can clearly see that it is not you that is directly responsible for the masterpiece that you have painted, the song that you have sung, or the poetry that you have written. As a matter of fact, it is this invisible force that goes on doing things through you.

The role that existence plays in the life of this planet is similar to the role that women play in a man’s life. A woman, in subtle ways,  fulfils her own dreams through her man. She may not realise that, but that is exactly what she is doing.

With all of that being said, my intention was not to offend the men out there.

Secondly, with all that I’ve written about women, I am not denying the fact that Gold Diggers do not exist. Gold Diggers are everywhere, but basically, when we talk about Gold Diggers we refer to women which is what I don’t like.

Greed is part of mankind as a whole. It is unfair to associate a particular bad quality with a certain sex. I have seen men that are far greater Gold Diggers than women(If at all we could use the term Gold Diggers for men).

What are your thoughts on women being portrayed as Gold Diggers? Do share your views in the comments down below.

5 BIG Reasons why People fail to MANIFEST their desires

I do not manifest anything; I am just fooling around. I’ve got a very efficient partner [Shiva]. I simply leave it to him, and it happens – Sadhguru.

The Law of Attraction over the years has been a hot topic. When I first planned on starting a blog, I was really sceptical whether I should write about the Law of Attraction. One of the reasons is that The Law of Attraction is always used for all the wrong reasons.

People have a few selfish desires, and use the Law of Attraction to manifest them. I was unwilling to write about stuff that has nothing to do with the spiritual dimension of life.

Anyway, because so many people seem to be interested in the subject, I though I’d rather give it a go and give you my perspective on the Law of Attraction and the way I understand and apply it.

Here are some of the reasons why people fail to manifest their desires.

1) Using your mind more than required to manifest:

The mind is beautiful. It has its own uses, but when it comes to things beyond this world, the mind is impotent. For an Individual who really wants the Law of Attraction to work, it is important to get rid of this mind. Why? because the mind is logical. It asks questions like how? why? when? and what?

These questions are good when you’re encountered with a philosophical problem, but when it comes to life, philosophy is futile.

Whatever you desire can be yours if you quit asking questions such as, “When will I manifest the relationship?” “How will I know that the universe has taken into account my desire?” “How will I know that my desire has come to fruition?” All such questions are barriers towards having the Law of Attraction work for you.

2) Be Willing to Wait Forever:

I know this sounds bitter, but only those people who are willing to wait forever can manifest what they desire. The real question is: How long is forever? Well, that depends completely on you.

Whatever it is that a man desires can immediately be fulfilled, but we all have this concept of time in our mind which can be of immense help as far as living life in this world is concerned, but the fact that we obsess over time when it comes to our spiritual needs is one of the biggest misfortunes.

Whatever it is that you desire can immediately be fulfilled. But how long is immediate? Again, you need to get rid of the concept of time when it comes to manifestation. Always remember that time has nothing to do with the manifestation of a certain desire.

The spiritual world does not work based on our worldly clock. If we try to measure the amount of time it is going to take to achieve a certain outcome we will end up pushing the thing that we desire even further.

So the second thing that you need to get rid of is the concept of time. Waiting forever means to bring yourself in the present moment. The present moment is timeless, eternal and infinite.

Willing to wait forever means to simply relax right here and now. A person who cannot wait forever cannot relax. The fact that you constantly look at the calendar or the clock to see if you’re reaching your goal is what gets you all tensed and worried. Tension always takes you into the future. The only thing that exists in the future is imagination, not reality.

Be in the present and make your reality more and more tangible each day.

3) Delight in Everything and manifest quicker:

As much as this sounds easy, it really isn’t. It is easy to delight in things that give pleasure, joy, and happiness but it is hard to delight in the midst of pain, suffering, and anguish.

Why is it that we cannot delight in suffering? Now, this may sound like a very stupid question to ask simply because the answer seems quite obvious. Why would anybody delight in suffering? Suffering brings pain, and pain brings unhappiness so the answer is quite straightforward. Hence, nobody wants to suffer, but life does not work that way.

This world consists of both, pleasure and pain. It all depends on what you choose. You may be experiencing a serious illness and in a situation like this, it may be hard to not suffer, but please understand what suffering is first.

“To suffer”, and to “experience pain” are two completely different things. Pain is not in your hands, but suffering is. To suffer means to complain, to reject, or to feel sad about being in a certain situation.

Pain is something natural, but when you reject that pain and wish that it shouldn’t have been there, that is when suffering comes into the picture.

If you reject pain, you reject bliss as well. You can either have both or none. People want to live a lavish lifestyle; They want to have all the pleasures of the world but do not want to be unhappy. This is not the way things work. In choosing a certain thing, the opposite of it is automatically chosen.

Accept life for what it is and everything that you desire will come to fruition.

4) What are you willing to put at stake in order to manifest?

Whenever you desire a certain thing, ask yourself this question: What am I willing to put at stake? If the thing that you desire has any value to you, you should have the courage to put all your bad habits, and cowardly ways aside and work towards inculcating contrasting qualities.

For example, you may desire to attract a beautiful partner into your life. You want your partner to be loving, gentle, kind, intelligent and caring; but how many of those qualities that you desire in your partner do you actually have? If you have none of those qualities in you or aren’t willing to develop them into your life, there is no way that you’re going to attract the person you desire.

Everything else that you need to attract follows the same rule. Before you attract anything into your life you have to develop firm hands so that you are capable of holding what you’re asking for.

Would you invest your money in a product or service that is incapable of delivering a certain benefit? I’m sure you aren’t that foolish enough to do that, or perhaps you may be foolish to commit such mistakes once in a while, but existence does not commit any mistakes. Existence would not invest in you if it knows that you aren’t capable of benefitting yourself or others in any way.

Everything in this universe is orderly and precise. Existence is willing to pour itself into you, but you should be willing to give up everything and be open and receptive. Most importantly, you should be willing to invest time in making yourself able.  Only then you are worthy of receiving what you’re asking for.

5) Be Creative:

The reason why most people are unable to manifest what they desire is because they indulge in thought for a prolonged period of time.

The moment a person is introduced to the Law of Attraction, and they are told that their thoughts attract circumstances and situations in life, they forget everything else and focus entirely on thought.

Thoughts can be very satisfying because it does not require much effort on your part. You just need to give the mind an object to think about and it will generate a thousand and one thoughts that are related to the original thought.

If you think about a beautiful woman, your mind will immediately start generating thoughts related to that woman. You will have thoughts of drinking coffee with this woman, going out to dinner with her and so on. In your mind, you will go as far as possible. Perhaps you may go as far as imagining the two of you together in your old age. This is how the mind functions and at some point, you should realise that this is a trap.

One of the best ways to avoid excessive thinking, daydreaming and imagination is to become creative.

  • More On being creative:

Creativity is not a concept that is emphasised upon when the Law of Attraction is being discussed. Being creative is a good way to get your mind to stop wandering and help it focus on a certain activity. The common notion is that to be creative you need to be an artist like Picasso, or Van Gogh; or a dancer like Nijinsky and so on.

Being creative can involve any activity. You do not need to be an expert in anything in particular. I’ve discussed more on creativity in my free ebook which you can get if you sign up for my newsletter.

Anyway, being creative means to put all of your mind, heart, and soul into the activity that you’re involved in. Whether you’re cleaning your room, cooking, playing with a child or even if you are doing something as trivial as sitting down, you can still be creative in that moment.

Anything that helps you get into the present moment can be termed as creativity. One of the best things about being creative is that it not only helps you make good use of your time, but it also helps keep your mind away from your desire for a while.

  • The “Seed” and  “Farmer” Analogy:

Ordinarily, we keep focusing on our desires 24*7. It is as though a farmer sows the seeds into the ground and every now and then he keeps digging the ground to check the progress. What will happen to the seeds that are sown? They will take too long to sprout. They may even die and fail to grow into a plant.

This is exactly what we do with our desires. We desire to attract a certain thing and then every time, we look around to see if it has come or not. Every time we look around, we find that it hasn’t come yet. This happens because the universe is on its way to find the thing that you desire, and in your very thought process, you are disturbing its growth.

Once you have desired something, you need to get out of the way and help your desire to manifest itself in its own time.

When the farmer sows his seeds, he doesn’t think of thoughts such as, “How long will it take?” “Will the seeds sprout in time?” “What if it doesn’t rain this time, or what if it rains too much?” Thoughts like these only show that you do not trust life for what it can deliver.

  • Final Words:

If you put your full trust in the universe there is no way that you’re going to be disappointed. In the end, it is always important to surrender yourself and your desires completely in the hands of a force that is far more capable than your limited egoistic self.

What are your experiences with manifesting your desires? Do share your opinions in the comments down below.

Does Going to The Gym Really Make You Healthy?

True health, is health of Being – Mooji.

People have lately become quite conscious about their health these days. Going to the gym has become one of the ways to achieve health. I personally love the whole idea of staying healthy and fit. What I hate is the fact that in the past couple of years, the whole concept and idea behind health and fitness has changed. It has taken a completely wrong turn. Instead of moving towards a healthy lifestyle, people have become obsessed.

  • My Story:

When I was a teenager, I loved going to the gym. Back then I was very skinny. When people asked me why I was going to the gym, I would always tell them that I wanted to look fit. There is absolutely no denial in the fact that I wanted to look and be fit, but as I started to focus more on myself, I realized that fitness was not my primary motive. There were other underlying reasons for joining the gym.

For the most part of my life during my college days, I did not have a girlfriend. To add to the misery, I sucked at conversations. My friend circle at college was almost non-existent. I still remember how miserable my life was.

Years later, I became a little more conscious about my actions and mind.  Everything I did back then revolved around the fact that I was in search of validation from other people especially women. I did this to feel good about myself.

I became obsessed with the gym, and while I was doing a pretty decent job with improving my physique, I noticed that my mind was still the same. My self-esteem was pretty low. My intelligence was diminishing.

It felt as though I were some sort of a machine with no soul. Outer circumstances would somehow create a certain trigger to do things or act in a certain way.

I realized that I went to the gym for all the wrong reasons. I was trying to fix a part of myself by just working on the surface.

  • Why do People Join the Gym?

There is a reason I started with my story. I didn’t want you or others reading this to look stupid. Everybody should know that I was just as stupid as most of you were, or are at the moment.

I can say confidently that a lot of people who join the gym are people who for the most part are superficial. They are somehow trying to fill a certain void within themselves. Observe people including yourself carefully and you will understand what I’m saying.

It is difficult to find people who go to the gym for the sole purpose of staying healthy. There are always other underlying reasons for doing a certain thing.

  • Misconceptions about Being Healthy:

Remember that having a nice round butt, a wide chest, broad shoulders, and six-pack abs have nothing to do with staying healthy. As much as I would like to say that going to the gym makes a person healthy, it does exactly the opposite.

I have seen women go to the gym just to increase the size of their bottoms and to look physically attractive. It wouldn’t have been that big of a problem if women did just that. The problem is when you choose to showcase yourself on social media.

I remember the first time when I started an Instagram account. I was shocked to see the number of women who are on Instagram just to expose their assets. They encourage other women to do the same too. Of course, nobody says that directly, but that is a subliminal message that is being transferred to our minds.

The other surprising thing is that these women give beautiful names to all of these ugly things. Monday motivation, fitness, health, yoga – all beautiful words, captions, and hashtags to give people the idea that their intention is fitness. I don’t think so. There are many ways to be fit. Wearing yoga pants and squatting right in front of a camera is certainly not health.

  • The mad, mad world we’re Living in:

What kind of mad world are we living in? I have seen so many women who are attractive naturally and have absolutely no need to go to the gym, but because of these few so called celebrities on Instagram, and other social media they feel like they need to be a little more perfect.

In the west, there is this huge obsession of women having a thigh gap, because it is considered attractive by men. Every woman wants that bikini body to somehow fit with the shallow idea of beauty that people have.

While it is great to go to the gym and work out on your assets, it is important to remember to not make a big deal about it. Do not showcase yourself in front of the whole world. There is nothing feminine or attractive about women who go throughout their day trying to figure out what to eat, how many hours to work out,  and what kinds of dresses to wear that will help their assets stand out.

  • The Amount of Time We Waste on Improving our Body:

Can you imagine how many hours you put into your body? I mean women are so much focused on their physical beauty that they have completely forgotten that there is any other beauty that goes deeper than their skin.

You may disagree and say that you just invest few hours in the gym. How is it an obsession if you spend just an hour or so at the gym? If you just take a look into your mind, you will notice that all your thoughts only revolve around physical beauty.

You may spend just an hour or so at the gym but even when you’re outside the gym, your mind still remains inside it. You think continuously about what food you should eat and how much proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals your body needs.

Not just that, even your conversations revolve around fitness. You go to office and discuss what kind of dress will make your butt look bigger, or what kind of exercises will make your breasts firm. Now, what kind of fitness is this? To me, it seems more like a mental illness.

  • Men are No Different:

Men as well are sailing in the same boat. All the fitness and motivation pages on facebook and other social media are started by insecure men. Why would anybody want someone to have big muscles? What is the purpose? It is okay if you’re doing it for yourself, but don’t try to make it a trend. Don’t make something an obsession.

What are you trying to prove when you take pictures shirtless and post them on social media? it only shows that you perhaps have no other quality which can motivate a person on a deeper level. The easiest way is to show your muscles. In that way you look strong; you look tough. Now, this strength and toughness will somehow hide your inner flaws. It will not make you look weak on the inside.

The exact opposite happens. The more you make yourself strong on the outside, the more clearly your inner flaws become visible. Your outer strength creates a great contrast between your outer and inner world. Of course, only a few individuals will be able to recognize those flaws.

  • Nothing Wrong with Wanting to Look Beautiful:

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful, but it should not be at the cost of losing your individuality.

Nothing wrong with wanting to be fit either. A nice proportionate body with firm assets looks great, but if your entire life revolves around physical beauty, then, unfortunately, you don’t need to visit the gym as much as you need to visit a psychiatrist.

  • Identifying the Roots from where the problem Arises:

A lot of people complain about how our generation is degrading, but nobody goes into the roots to find out where the problem begins. We’ve had beautiful people in the past. Scientists, psychologists, mystics, and all sorts of geniuses. Even today, I do not deny the fact that there are people who still have the same capabilities.

The only difference is that today, the generation is being dominated by people who are only concerned about increasing their net worth, having homes worth millions of dollars, trying to increase the size of their wardrobe, and superficial things like these.

  • The Good Old Days:

In the past, the situation was completely different – The world was dominated by the geniuses. The entire era seems to have almost come to an end where the whole world looked up to and sought inspiration from great people. People like Albert Einstein, Buddha, Rabindranath Tagore, and others who were the real heroes.

During the days of Gautam Buddha, there were lands that were ruled by great kings. The people that lived in a certain area were under the rule of a certain king. Every land had their own king.

One of the highlights was that in those days, for a king to be respectable and worthy to rule over a certain land, it was necessary for him to take life lessons from the Buddha.

In those days it was compulsory for every king to develop certain inner qualities. For this, the kings would be given teachings on awareness, patience, love, and compassion. If the Buddha was not available to deliver a certain teaching, an ordained disciple would be sent. In this way, the message can be given exactly the way it is intended to be. This was the practice in India years ago.

These days, people do not value such qualities. Of course, we all talk about love, compassion, peace and so on, but this is all gossip. People enjoy talking about these things. It has become a good topic of conversation. Nothing more than that.

  • Ask yourself Vital Questions:

You may have a great body, millions of dollars, a huge home, but who are you and what are you doing here on this earth? You really need to start asking yourself these questions. Years ago, people really cared about tapping into their inner wealth, and the entire world is indebted to these few people.

These days our inspiration comes from people like movie stars, fake businessmen, entrepreneurs, and people who do not even deserve an iota of attention.

  • Shift your Focus:

We need to shift our entire focus from all these fake people and give our time, energy and attention to individuals who genuinely seek to take the world to the next level. When I say next level, I do not mean better homes, cars, and gadgets, but individuals who will raise the consciousness of mankind so that man can gain mastery over himself and the entire world can regain their treasures which they have buried into the depths of their being.

My whole purpose of starting this blog was to introduce you to all of those individuals that nobody had bothered to give any attention to. I want you to familiarize yourself with those people who have genuinely contributed towards the inner growth of man.

I wanted people to have the real taste of success, wealth, health and prosperity which in today’s generation are just beautiful words that lack meaning. Even if these words do have any meaning, the meaning given to them comes from people who have lived absolutely meaningless lives.

  • Read Between the Lines:

From everything that I have said above, a few people who sit at home doing nothing, and munching on potato chips all day may feel very happy about the fact that I’ve pointed out how going to the gym isn’t healthy. I want everybody to read between the lines. Don’t just read my words, read what I’m trying to point out.

I am not saying that going to the gym is an unhealthy practice. It is the people that have made it an unhealthy practice. People have misused and misunderstood the whole purpose behind it.

  • The Real Purpose of Going to the Gym:

Going to the gym contributes only to physical health. If you visit the gym to look confident, impress the opposite sex, have a higher self-esteem, then the same gym that contributes to your health will be a reason for your sickness. It is important to always have this at the back of your mind.

The next time you hit the gym, your warm up should be self-talk. In this self-talk,  remind yourself that the exercises you do are to become fit externally. You are not to use gymming as an excuse to avoid your problems which are of a mental nature.

Ask yourself how exactly is an extra weight on the rod or an extra rep going to make you more intelligent?

Is someone else who is lifting heavier weights a little more intelligent than you are? Does spending so much time researching the web for what foods need to be avoided in order to have a six-pack really help your inner growth? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Never Obsess over Anything in Life:

Whether physical or spiritual growth, never obsess over anything in life. Both physical health, and spiritual growth can become sicknesses of the mind if there is even an iota of obsession.

If you obsess over knowledge; you will become a scholar, but you will lack wisdom. If you obsess over beauty, you may be crowned as a beauty queen, but you will end up becoming ugly. Similarly, if you obsess over wealth, you will be titled as the wealthiest man in the entire world, but your soul will be that of a beggar. You will have everything, but you will have no soul.

  • The Greatest Possession:

Remember that the most important thing a man possesses is his soul. Never trade your soul for anything in this world. Everything that you think you possess is simply utilitarian.

Your body is nothing more than a rented home. The lease is going to expire someday, and the owner is going to ask for the keys. What a waste of time and energy it would be in trying to decorate this rented home which, in the end, is going to disappear into the earth!

Of course, while you are living in this home that you call your body, it is necessary to keep it clean, nourish it and help it stay healthy for as long as possible. Although, you should never forget the purpose for which you had rented this home?

You had rented this home so that it may help you move beyond it. Yes, this home will keep you warm and safe. Don’t make this home your prison. Remember to use everything in life for the nourishment of the soul. Anything in life that helps you become more intelligent is always the right thing to do.

So really, what matters is not what you’re doing, but how and why you’re doing it.

  • Everything in Life Needs Awareness:

You need to do everything in life with a certain level of awareness. Therefore all mystics have emphasized the importance of meditation. Anyway, that’s a whole new topic by itself which I will discuss later.

My intention in writing this was not to criticize you. You need to be able to draw a line with everything that you do – that’s all I’m saying.

Everything in life has its limits, and to stay within those limits is to be sane. Going beyond limits is insanity.

What are your views? I would love to hear from you. Do share your opinions in the comments.

When a woman was given the Highest Respect – Guru Nanak, and his inspiring life story!

From woman, man is born;
Within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married.
Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come.
When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.
So why call her bad? From her, kings are born.
From a woman, a woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all – Shri Guru Granth Sahib.

I was on Wikipedia a few days back, and was reading about Guru Nanak. Leaning about Mystics has been one of the things that I have loved ever since I started to learn about mysticism. I just recently started to learn about Guru Nanak and his life. Reading about him has given me a certain insight into women which I would like to share with you today.

  • Leaving the worldly life in search of God:

It has been a very common practice among sannyasis, seekers of truth, or disciples like they call it in the west to leave the worldly life in order to seek God. Buddha had left his wife and child in search of Nirvana. We have all heard about Buddha’s inspiring life story and his search for enlightenment. I’ve always felt that there was something about Buddha’s life that was a little off.

The fact that Buddha left his wife is a very sad thing that any man could do. Buddha leaving his wife in search of enlightenment makes it seem as though the woman is an obstacle for a man seeking enlightenment.

Of course, Buddha did not have any intention of proving his wife’s inferiority. He probably had his own reasons for leaving his family. Perhaps, that was the right thing for him to do. The problem is when every monk started to follow the same lifestyle of renunciation that Buddha did.

  • Guru Nanak – The Madman:

    Over thousands of years, Guru Nanak has been one of the most unique mystics as far as breaking old traditions are concerned. When Guru Nanak became a teenager, his father decided to teach his son business. Guru Nanak’s father was a business minded person. He wanted Guru Nanak to have the same skills as he had in dealing with clients.

    One day, he decided to give his son some money to purchase merchandise. This merchandise was to be sold to clients in another part of the town for a higher price. In this way, a profit can be earned.

    Guru Nanak listened carefully to his father and started off his journey to purchase the merchandise. He was accompanied by a friend named Bhai Mardana. On his way, a few miles away from where they began their journey, Guru Nanak noticed a small village where there were sick and hungry people. He looked at them and felt that this would be a great opportunity to create a profitable transaction.

    He thought to himself, what better transaction than to feed someone in need. Moreover, the contentment that would come as a result of being able to help someone cannot be compared to anything. To Guru Nanak, this seemed like the most profitable transaction.

    This is how the mind of a mystic is. At the time, Guru Nanak wasn’t enlightened, but he had the highest quality of a mystic in him. A mystic has this unique quality of madness inside him.

  • The Disappointed Father:

Of course, when Nanak’s father discovered what had happened, he was pretty disappointed. He felt that he had to somehow divert his son’s mind so that he could earn a livelihood in the future. Earning a livelihood is thought to be more important than living a happy life. This is how the mind of an ordinary human being functions. This is the basic difference which separates a mystic from an ordinary individual.

A mystic always thinks in terms of gaining something in life which death cannot take away, whereas, an ordinary person wastes his life by collecting stones. We can label these stones with beautiful words such as money, fame, gold, diamonds, beauty, fashion and so on, but ultimately all of these things in life for which we strive so hard do not prove to be more than just stones.

This does not mean that you should give up material pleasures altogether; it just means that you shouldn’t place ultimate value on them. Ultimate value should only be placed on things which are eternal, infinite and indestructible.

  • Get the Boy Married:

You must be wondering whether I’ve forgotten the topic of today’s article altogether, but stay right there, I am almost coming to it.

The reason I spoke about Guru Nanak’s teenage life is to just give you a little background.

Getting back to the point, Guru Nanak’s father was very disappointed. He felt that he had to do something just so that he could get his son involved in the worldly life. What better way to do that than to get him married he thought.

Guru Nanak’s father was skeptical whether his son would say yes to marriage. His father he knew that his son was a crazy man, whose only love was God, but Guru Nanak shocked his father when he said that he was willing to get married.

In the past, it has never happened that a person seeking enlightenment has not left his family. It was almost a rule that a person should give up everything including women so that he could find God.

  • Guru Nanak’s Uniqueness:

This is exactly where Guru Nanak proved to be a unique mystic when compared to others. You need to understand Guru Nanak’s entire standpoint of life. Guru Nanak had a childlike mind. A child does not see any difference between anything in the world unless we teach him to label things. A child sees everything in life as one.

Guru Nanak was a child. He didn’t see any difference between the worldly life and God. As a matter of fact, to him, God and man were one.

How can a woman be separate from God? Guru Nanak decided to marry because something about his wife reminded him about God. Every human being has God residing within. Only a man with a clear vision can see it.

To see God in the trees, birds, animals, flowers, and sunshine is very easy because we cannot communicate with them. Moreover, all of these things occurring in nature do not retaliate. An animal is mostly kind to a human being, a flower goes on giving you its fragrance whether you’re a good or a bad person. The sun shines on you irrespective of whether you are a saint or a sinner. Therefore, it is easy to see God in these things.

With human beings, it is difficult to see God because there seems to be a lot of ugly things which are part of an individual.

  • An Unbiased Vision:

Therefore, you need to develop an unbiased vision of a mystic in order to see the beauty in human beings, especially a woman. Man and woman are in a constant conflict deep within and for a man to see a woman as a friend is very difficult because society has always portrayed a woman to be lower than man.

A woman was considered to be an obstacle on the path of enlightenment. Therefore for thousands of years, men have been running away from women.

Guru Nanak was one of those few men who had come to change this entire perception that man had about women.

  • Guru Nanak – A Lion amongst Sheep:

Nanak was a man of an entirely different caliber. I mentioned before that Guru Nanak had childlike qualities. That was just half the story, the other half is that he had the courage of a lion too.

To have the innocence of a child and the courage of a lion existing together is one of the most unique and rare qualities that a human being can imbibe within himself.

It is really hard to find a balance between the two, but Guru Nanak had certainly found that balance.

He had the guts to prove the age old tradition wrong which indirectly emphasized that you need to stay away from a woman in order to achieve enlightenment.

  • Guru Nanak after Marriage:

After marriage as well, his father felt that Guru Nanak would change, but he remained exactly the same. In fact, as years went by, Guru Nanak became more and more spiritual while he was simultaneously living with his wife.

Guru Nanak had two children as well out of which his son became enlightened. Guru Nanak’s son grew up to be a disciple of Guru Nanak – this is something very rare. Very rarely, it happens that a son becomes a disciple of his father, but Guru Nanak was a unique man. The fact that his son could become enlightened proves the depth and the purity of his love for his wife.

Throughout his life, his wife kept supporting him so that he could achieve his spiritual endeavours.

  • Behind every Successful Man, there is a Woman

    In my view, this story of Guru Nanak and his wife is not just a love story, but it is a clear proof that if a man’s love for his woman is deep and profound, so much so that he can see the divine in her, then instead of being an obstacle, the woman can become a ladder for a man to achieve his highest potential.

    People always say, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. I’ve always wondered what this meant. We often think of this “success” to be material success as far as the world is concerned, but Guru Nanak’s life gives us a totally different view of the type of success a man can achieve with the love of a woman.

  • Final Words:

    To me, guru Nanak’s enlightenment, and the enlightenment of his son are not the only events that make Guru Nanak unique, what sets him apart is the fact that what most people try to prove verbally, Guru Nanak managed to prove practically.

    This may make Guru Nanak seem like a revolutionary, but he wasn’t. A revolutionary is a person who tries to force people into adapting to his way of life. Guru Nanak had no such intention of changing people’s views on women. He just did what felt natural to him.

    It is easy to say nice things about a woman and make her feel empowered, but words are all futile. In the future, we would require men to prove by their lives that women are indeed a gift from God.

    The same applies in the case of men. Whatever is true for a woman is true for a man as well. Both man and woman can help each other attain the highest peaks that are possible to achieve in life. For this to happen, people need to focus more on loving men and women as opposed to just beautiful words of encouragement that mean nothing.
    I would like to hear your views and opinions on this subject. Do share them below in the comments.

The One “common” Trait that Every Creative Individual has.

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence – Osho.

I have been uncreative for the most part of my life. Years ago, I felt like only a selected few individuals are gifted with this ability to be “Creative”. One of the truths that I have stumbled upon over the years is that we are all born creative. Although, there is this one missing ingredient which makes most of us mediocre. I’ll talk about it in a while, but before that, there are a few things which need to be understood.

  • Nobody is born Lucky:

Everything that is part of this world requires a certain energy to help it function. Life is a very interdependent phenomenon and in order for something to manifest itself, there needs to be an invisible force behind it.

Man’s observation of life is very superficial in the sense that he sees only one side. He doesn’t look at life in its entirety. He looks at the manifestation but ignores the invisible which gave birth to the manifestation. Whenever you see an individual that has attained a certain level or wellbeing as far as wealth, creativity, relationships or any other aspect of life is concerned, you often use the phrase, “How lucky they are.”

This whole idea of a person being lucky is completely bogus. It comes as a result of lack of observation. To understand life, you need to look at the complete picture. This means that when you see a man or a woman who has attained a certain level in life which is beyond what most ordinary individuals have attained, you need to do some research and find out what exactly is it that makes them the way they are.

No human being on this earth is endowed with any special gifts, or talents. We all come here with exactly what we have created for ourselves – This took me many years to understand.

  • Madness is a spiritual quality:

When I first began to read about enlightened people, it surprised me that an individual in a single lifetime can attain something so valuable. To attain wealth in this world is one thing, whereas to attain a life filled with bliss is a completely different thing.

Whether it is an enlightened man like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu or any other mystic; or if it happens to be a wealthy man who has success in the outside world, I have noticed a common trait between both these categories of individuals and that is the quality of “madness”. Madness is a spiritual quality.

My usage of the word madness has nothing to do with an individual that is mentally ill. When I use the word madness, I am referring to the ultimate health that an individual can achieve in life.

Yes, madness is the ultimate health in life. Only those few individuals on this earth ever live, who have had the guts to walk around this so-called sane world with their madness. Society will try its best to make you sane. It will try in every way to help you fit with a certain ideology, culture, religion, and so on. In this way, there is no trouble for anybody. The real problem arises when an individual starts to claim something which he has already been born with.

  • Your creative potential is “Dormant”:

One of the greatest struggles in life is to claim your creative potential which has remained dormant for many years. If you ask a mystic, or a spiritual guru he will tell you that your creative potential has remained dormant for many lifetimes. You are yet to experience that side of you which is eternal, infinite and timeless. Of course, it will take a lot of struggle. Moreover, you will not experience your creative potential all at once.

  • A worldly man’s creative expression vs an Enlightened man’s creative expression:

Life never reveals itself all at once. Life is a series of revelations. Your creativity as well will be revealed to you in bits and pieces . If you have put in the effort, you will notice that your creativity expresses itself in different ways. It becomes more and more refined, more and more subtle as you reach higher levels in life. Therefore, you will see a huge difference between the way a worldly man expresses his creativity and the way a mystic or an enlightened person expresses his creativity.

The enlightened man has reached the peak of his creativity, whereas the worldly man is on his way to becoming more and more creative each day. To become creative is simply an effort to become one with existence. The enlightened man is absolutely one with existence and therefore, he is silent – there seems to be no reason to create anything.

Very rarely you will come across an enlightened man who is a musician, painter or dancer – this is because people who are enlightened do not feel the need to create because the creator and the creation have become one.

On the other hand, an unenlightened person who is trying to reach the peak of creativity will try different ways to express his creativity. Therefore you will always hear a musician, poet, painter or anybody who is into some sort of creative field say – I am yet to create something absolutely perfect. Dissatisfaction is a norm for a person who is on his way towards achieving the ultimate heights of creativity.

The worldly man is loud, aggressive and fierce. On the other hand, an enlightened man is completely opposite. He is calm,silent and still – this is how he often expresses his creativity, although he can choose other ways of expressing his himself. This does not mean that the worldly man’s creativity is of lesser value than an enlightened man; it just is insufficient, but nonetheless this common trait of being “mad” is present in both categories of individuals.

  • Be willing to give up everything:

I can never imagine a sane person writing poetry, composing music, or doing anything that a mad person does. These things for an ordinary person are impossible. Only an individual who is willing to lose his mind and put everything at stake can achieve something which the heart has in store.

  • Intelligence is expensive:

Only people with a certain level of intelligence are capable of tapping into this creative potential, but unfortunately, intelligence is very expensive. Intelligence requires you to give up a lot of things. It requires you to give up your mediocrity, fear, possessiveness, and most importantly it requires you to give up those things in life which you consider to have great value.

Ordinarily, life is very simple. For people who do not wish to create, society has already created a certain pattern. All you need to do is follow that pattern and live life peacefully.You go to school, you then grow up and study at university, you get a certificate, you find yourself a good job, get married, reproduce, and ultimately die – this is the pattern which society has created. There are a lot of advantages of following this pattern – people will call you a good human being, they will reward you, you will get respect from your elders, and so on.

You go to school, you then grow up and study at university, you get a certificate, you find yourself a good job, get married, reproduce, and ultimately die – this is the pattern which society has created. There are a lot of advantages of following this pattern – people will call you a good human being, they will reward you, you will get respect from your elders, and so on.

  • Do not lose your “Soul”:

If you choose to live according to the patterns formed by society your life will be very peaceful. There will be no trouble, no challenge. You will get everything that society has to offer: respect, fame, money, and so on. Although, you will lose that one thing which has ultimate value – your soul.

Man is so foolish that he embraces ordinary pleasures of life and abandons his soul. He then visits churches, temples, and other religious places to search for meaning in life.

A creative individual is someone who looks directly at life. In looking at life directly, he is able to find soul in it. Only a person who can find soul in the objective world can attain to creativity. Why? because, before you can become capable of seeing the beauty outside, you need to recognise the beauty within you.

Recognise your madness within and become it. Soon, you will realise that is entire existence is also just as much mad as you are. Again, let me remind you that this madness isn’t the pathological kind. The madness you will find within yourself and in existence has celebration as part of it.

All creativity is born as a result of keen observation into life and its processes. To become creative, you need to be willing to lose your mind and come to a point of total madness. Give up all of those things which had any value in your life. If you do, you will definitely attain something which has real value.

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