How to Quit Smoking? Getting Rid of Addiction!

The other night, a friend of mine asked me how one can quit smoking. I said to her that the only way to quit smoking is to not want to quit it in the first place. We always think that addiction to smoking, drugs and alcohol is the problem, but to me, all of these things are not problems at all.

There is no harm in smoking, doing drugs or consuming alcohol as long as it is done consciously. Unfortunately, as individuals, our consciousness is like a small slit on a door through which the rays of the early morning sun pass. For a person who has never been out in the open, the small slit is the only sun which he knows of. We observe and analyse everything in life based on our limited view. All our conclusions in life are then drawn from this limited view that we have.

The reason why smoking has become a problem for so many people is due to lack of understanding. In every article that I write, I always talk about understanding and it may sound ridiculous that I keep repeating the word every time, but honestly, it does have a lot of significance.

  • Understanding Addiction:

To get rid of smoking, you first need to understand what addiction is because smoking is just an external symptom. The real problem is not smoking, but the addiction. As you are right now, and the limited amount of consciousness from which your life operates, anything in the world can become an addiction.

It is not just a selected few people in the world that are addicted. The entire world is addicted. For an unconscious individual, everything becomes a drug. It doesn’t matter whether it is alcohol, drugs, sex, or food. Anything in the world can become an addiction for an unconscious person.

The first understanding that you need to have as far as addiction is concerned is that everybody is addicted. You may or may not be titled as an addict, but that makes no difference. If you are living in unconsciousness, you are an addict.

  • Don’t Try to Quit Smoking:

I want to emphasise a little more on what I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Once you have understood what addiction is, then it becomes easier to understand what it means to not try to quit smoking. At first, it sounds stupid when you hear that you don’t need to try to quit smoking, because clearly, as far as your life is concerned, it has become a problem. Anything that is a problem needs to be gotten rid off immediately – this is the ordinary understanding.

The understanding of a Mystic is different in the sense that a Mystic looks at a problem from a broader perspective. The broader perspective is that when you try to quit smoking, it is almost as though your left hand is trying to win a fist fight with your right hand. When an individual tries to quit or get rid of any addiction in life, his mind is basically split into two. One part of the mind tries to get rid of the addiction whereas the other part tries to hold on to the addiction.

You cannot win a fight against your own self. It is impossible, but that is exactly what you’re doing when you try to quit smoking. The moment you understand this, you stop trying. Once you stop trying, your mind is no longer split into two. The mind then becomes one. It becomes integrated. I spoke earlier about living consciously, and all mystics right from Gautam Buddha and Mahavir to the modern day mystics such as Sadhguru, Mooji and others keep talking about it.

To have an integrated mind is the first step towards living consciously. When your mind is not fighting against itself, only then, an experience can be total.

  • Experiencing Life Fully:

People talk about having many experiences in life, but if they had really experienced life fully, they wouldn’t go on repeating the same things again and again. How is it that a person goes on smoking for years and is unable to quit? If he had had the experience of smoking, he would have quit smoking long ago. The fact that people remain addicted to alcohol, drugs and other forms of addiction for years only shows that they have not yet experienced life fully.

When I say that they have not experienced life fully, what I mean is that while they are involved in the act of smoking, drinking or any other activity, they are in a sort of schizophrenia. It is the same thing which I spoke about earlier where one part of your mind is in conflict with another part. This conflict is a barrier towards experience. So to experience life fully, it is important that an individual gets rid of this schizophrenia that arises out of a divided mind.

  • Observation is the Master Key:

While you are smoking, forget about everything else and just smoke. Do not start thinking whether what you’re doing is right or wrong. Just observe carefully what you are doing, because observation is the master key towards all understanding in life.

If you observe all your actions in life, you will automatically see the foolishness in what you’re doing. Let your observation be the decision maker of what is right and wrong. Human beings do stupid things because when they are doing a certain thing their eyes remain closed. They completely forget themselves.

To forget oneself is to avoid observation. To be conscious of oneself is to be observant. Therefore observe every action that you’re performing in life. If the action is right, you can continue to do it. If the action is wrong, there is no need to quit doing it because your observation itself will stop you from doing it.

  • Live Every Moment in Joy:

Unless you live life in such a way that each moment becomes joyful, addiction will be the norm. I once tried to smoke a cigarette when I was a teenager. The first puff itself was enough for me to understand the futility of it.

I have never understood the joy that people get in smoking – You cough; the smell of the smoke is irritating; you feel a burning sensation in your chest – I don’t understand how any of these things could ever be associated with joy. For a while, smoking can probably relieve your stress, but once you are done with it, the stress is back.

Your problems keep piling up while you are trying to get rid of them by smoking. Therefore, in my view, the first step that an individual needs to take in order for each moment to be joyful is to not escape from life’s problems. Face your problems with courage, and don’t find excuses to get rid of them.

Years ago, I used to love spending time drinking with my friends. I enjoyed the feeling that I got out of being drunk. The moments when I wasn’t drunk, I tried to analyse my situation. What I realised is that being unconscious was what gave me that good feeling. Being unaware of my problems is what made me feel good, but once the hangover was gone, the problems surface again.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking do not help in any way. They just help in creating a situation where you can remain more unconscious. The reason why you like to be unconscious is because you have not experienced the joy of consciousness.

  • The Taste of Life:

Once you have had the taste of Life, you have understood what joy is. Then, there is no need to rely on any form of addiction. The reason why you are so addicted to drugs, alcohol and all kinds of things is because you have not tasted life.

What you know as life is simply a routine. Life has become like a chore to you. The day you start to live life consciously, for the first time, life starts to develop a completely different flavour. Life no longer becomes a task to complete, but an activity that you delight in.

Once you have tasted life, then there is nothing in the world that can get you addicted. The day I started to live consciously, I was surprised that alcohol didn’t give me the same joy that it gave me years ago.

I tried to get drunk many times, but it is not the same anymore. In fact, the more I get drunk, the more miserable I feel. Years ago, the situation was completely the opposite – the more I was drunk, the happier I felt. Therefore, I avoid alcohol as much as possible – not because there is anything wrong with alcohol, but because I am not miserable anymore.

Therefore, today, I avoid alcohol as much as possible. By saying this, I do not mean that there is anything wrong with alcohol. I avoid alcohol because I am not miserable anymore. Living consciously helps you get rid of misery without any effort.

  • Final Words:

Once you have understood all of this, then there is no need to get rid of smoking or any other kind of addiction. Why? because understanding itself is liberation.

Bring consciousness and understanding to every area of your life and nothing in the world will be able to destroy you. A human being is invincible, but that entirely depends on his level of consciousness and understanding in life. A point comes where you are so conscious of everything that you transcend all misery and become absolutely invincible.

This invincible nature that is discovered is what the mystics of the world call enlightenment. Enlightenment is a state where you become invincible.

If this article has helped you in any way do let me know in the comments down below. You can also send me an email on Feel free to share your own views on the subject of addiction.

Fear and Hope – The Ultimate Destroyers of Love

Over the years I’ve been trying to understand what is it that destroys the love that exists between a man and a woman. When two lovers meet for the first time, something transpires between them. They are both possessed by some energy which brings them so close together that they almost feel like they are united for a lifetime.

The moment of love is the moment of oneness. Unfortunately, this oneness does not seem to last for a long time. Suddenly, things go wrong between these two individuals that seemed like great lovers at one point.

A lot of us wonder why this happens. Almost always, we try to blame our partners, and of course, there are a thousand and one reasons why the love between two people ends.

Through my own experiences in life, I have come to understand that there are only two reasons why the love between two individuals is destroyed.

1)    Fear of Temporariness

2)    Hope for Permanence

  • Fear of temporariness:

When we go through a breakup or a divorce, we can say that our partner cheated on us, or perhaps they didn’t behave in a certain way, or they didn’t care about us as much as we wanted them to and so on – these are all superficial reasons.

Basically, the reason why a loving relationship is destroyed is because of our fear that it may end someday. The moment you fall in love with someone, your mind is such that it wants to possess the other person.

It doesn’t matter whether it is an object or a human being, the mind is a possessor.

The moment the idea arises that you would like to possess something especially a human being, immediately, in that moment, a certain fear arises that this person may not be there in the long run.

This fear that love may not last; or that it may remain just for a temporary period of time is what makes us cling and possess.

Every decision that comes out of our possessiveness destroys love because no human being can be possessed. You can possess a car, a home, or a certain piece of clothing, but a human being? Not at all!

  • Hope for Permanence:

The hope that love should stay permanently is the same as what we discussed earlier. I have labelled them separately just for emphasis, but basically, they are both the same.

Hope is just as much dangerous as fear is. You perhaps may have been told by people that hope is a great feeling, but hope is just a way of repressing fear. A person who is full of fear uses hope in order to feel better.

Hope is a certain expectation in the future. The problem is that the future does not exist. If the future existed, then hope would have been useful. Unfortunately, this hope that a loving relationship should last for a lifetime is what destroys it.

  • Final Words:

A person who has attained to maturity realises that in life, neither fear nor hope is of any use. As a matter of fact, both are simply reflections of each other. Seeing the entire absurdity of it, the individual lets go of both fear and hope and simply loves.

When you really love a person why bother about whether they are going to be there in the future or not? Is your love so impotent that it cannot stand on its own?

A person who has understood this has understood the love that all mystics down the ages have been talking about. The experience of love that Jesus, Buddha, or any other sage has had can be your experience as well if you are ready to give up your cowardice and face every experience in life without any fear or hope.

Understanding this liberates you. Love then, neither becomes temporary, nor permanent. Love is then experienced as timelessness.

Remember that true love is always timeless. Timelessness has nothing to do with permanence, although both the words may look synonymous. Timelessness means to lose track of time completely and simply melt into the experience of love. When two lovers melt into each other with total trust, love then becomes one of the most transforming forces in existence.

Why is forgiveness difficult? How to Forgive Easily!

Forgiveness is one of those things that is easily said than done. We always hear people say that you need to forgive people who have hurt you or have done wrong to you in any way, but it somehow seems impossible.

One of the things that I have learnt in my own life is that forgiveness is not something that can be done, but something which happens on its own through understanding.

When I look back at my life and all the people that I have come across, it is surprising that there was nobody that I had any enmity with except for two people. To me, my parents were my greatest enemies.

Why were my parents my greatest enemies? I’ll get into the details of it in a bit, but before that, it is important to understand the reason why we feel anger, resentment, and hatred towards a person. Forgiveness can never be possible unless we understand the reason why we are angry or hateful towards somebody in the first place.

We are hateful towards a certain person, not because of a certain wrong act on their part, but because somehow we wanted to do a certain thing and the person stopped us from doing it.

If you make a list of all the people whom you find difficult to forgive, you will notice that the reason you are unable to forgive them is not because of a certain wrong act that they committed against you, but because you wanted to do a certain thing and these people somehow became an obstacle on your path.

Let me elaborate on this a little more with my own example. I grew up in a Christian family and ever since I was a child, my parents drilled into me certain concepts, ideas, and theories about life according to the Christian belief system. As a child, I was very obedient to my parents because I felt that whatever they were teaching me would help me when I grow up.

I was so obedient that I would listen and believe everything that my parents told me without asking a single question. As a matter of fact, as children, we are somehow naturally inclined towards believing that asking a question is wrong because that goes against religious teachings and certain family values that have been followed for generations. That is how it was in my case at least. Probably, in western countries, children are not condemned for asking questions as much as it was done in India where I was born and grew up.

Fortunately, things started to seem fishy as I grew older and a time came when all my illusions were shattered.

I would do a certain thing and get a totally different result. I realised that I was living life based on certain belief systems, concepts, and ideas which do not really apply when dealing with life.

My entire childhood seemed like a lie. I felt that my freedom was interfered with at an age where I wasn’t even able to think for myself. That was it! Since that day, my parents became my greatest enemies.

For many years, I lived with my parents and I wouldn’t communicate with them the same way I used to as a child. In fact, even if they spoke to me kindly, I would respond with anger.

It was only later when I gained a certain understanding into my own life that I realised that it wasn’t my parent’s fault as much as I thought it was. I realised that it wasn’t their intention to stop me from having my own individuality, but somehow, they too were taught the same thing by their own parents.

I remember when I first told my mother that I wasn’t going to be attending Church or praying together with the family, she was very disappointed. In fact, whenever it was time for prayer, I would leave the house.

At first, my parents were shocked to see this sort of behaviour from me, but after a month or so, they just accepted the fact that I had reached a point where nobody can convince me anymore.

You will find it surprising, but a few months after I had stopped attending mass and praying with the family together, my mother stopped as well. When I asked her why she stopped, she said to me that it was all a lie. She told me that she had no other option but to teach me what she felt was right.

That day, I had the greatest insight of my life. I realised that in this world, nobody is our enemy. In fact, if you observe people closely, everybody is going through a certain struggle in life. My parents were going through a certain struggle which they themselves weren’t aware of.

It took me a few years after this event, but I was eventually able to forgive my parents and get rid of the load I was carrying all my life.

Here are few things that I have learnt about forgiveness:

  • Forgiveness is never done, but something which happens:

For many years I tried my best to forgive my parents, but I just couldn’t. We are all told to forgive our enemies, but let me tell you that it is impossible to forgive anybody in this world simply because forgiveness is not something that you can do. Forgiveness simply happens.

Forgiveness happens when understanding dawns upon you. So, the first thing is: don’t try to forgive anybody, because it is impossible. What you need to do instead is try to gain an understanding of the situation.

Remember that whatever wrong anybody has done to you is never aimed towards you. Let’s take a very common example. Say, for example, your partner cheated on you. You loved your partner, you did everything for them, and they turned against you when you needed them the most.

Now you can’t forgive your partner just like that. It is impossible. Why? Because you need to understand the situation first.

You need to understand that in your place if it was anybody else, your partner would do the same thing. When a person does anything wrong, it is never aimed towards you. In fact, you are just an excuse for the other person to behave a certain way.

If it was anybody else in your place, your partner would have behaved in a similar way. The reason you find it difficult to forgive is because you think that a wrong act has been committed against you, but really, if you look deeply into the situation, you just happened to be part of the event by accident.

  • The Play of Existence:

I like how the Hindu’s refer to life as Leela. Leela means play. It makes me laugh at how silly that sounds but life is indeed a play, and we are all actors. If you can look at life as a play, then suddenly, nothing in the world is serious. You take everything as fun, and really, just look at your entire life and you will realise that nothing is serious.

The reason why everything looks so serious is because you think of yourself to be someone great. This is how the ego functions. When somebody hurts you, they are not really hurting you, but they are simply exposing a wound which was already there deep inside of you waiting to be exposed given the right opportunity. That wound is your ego. If there was no wound inside you, it would be impossible for the other person to hurt you.

When this understanding dawns upon you, then forgiveness is no longer a doing, but a happening.

Realising this, you can finally live a life of freedom where you don’t have to forgive anybody simply because you understand that nobody is against you in any way.

After realising my own foolishness, I never went and forgave my parents. In fact, to me, it seemed unnecessary to even say to them that I had forgiven them because there was no guilt, frustration, or resentment against them in my heart.

Always remember that you forgive someone only when you are angry at them. If there is no anger in your heart, the question of forgiveness never arises. Who is going to forgive whom? The same ego which is angry towards a certain person will try to repress itself and forgive the other person.

In fact, if you notice carefully, when you forgive someone, on the inside you feel a certain pride about yourself. You consider yourself to be virtuous because you could forgive the other person.

When you forgive another person, you are indirectly trying to put him down. You want to other person to know that you are virtuous. You want the other person to feel guilty, and that is exactly what happens. When you forgive another person, you do not do it so in order that the other person can feel better. Almost always, you forgive so that the other person feels ashamed of himself.

You forgive another person so that you can teach them a lesson. You forgive so that you can show them how pathetic they are. This is how the ego functions.

Therefore, even in forgiveness, a certain ego exists. If you are aware, you will be able to make a clear distinction between what it means to forgive someone, and what it means for forgiveness to naturally happen.

  • Nobody can interfere in your life:

The other thing I learnt is that you can become free the moment you choose to and nobody can stop you from doing what you want in any way.

Your worst enemies are people whom you think have somehow interfered with your growth, but that is not true from what I have experienced. As I see it, nobody is an interference to an individual’s growth.

Remember, in life, there are always two ways to look at everything. It doesn’t matter what the event, circumstance or situation is, but there is always a dual perspective.

For the most part of my life, I was looking at things from a certain perspective which made me feel like I was a victim, but the moment I switched my perspective and tried to look at my situation from a different angle, I realised that I was not a victim, but this particular incident had to happen the way it did for me to learn a few important lessons in life.

Therefore in life, there is no such thing as a wrong and a right perspective.

When a person says that life is full of sorrow the person is not wrong. In fact, life is full of sorrow if you look at it from that person’s perspective.

Similarly, another person may say that life is beautiful, and he is right as well. If you look at life through his perception, you will find that life is beautiful. Now who is right and who is wrong? Both are right.

At any given point in life, you can either choose to see yourself as a victim or a victor. You will be right irrespective of what you choose to see yourself as. The question you need to ask yourself is: “Which perspective helps me to live a happier, fulfilling, and blissful life?” Once you have decided that, you can make a clear choice without hesitation.

  • Final Words:

To sum it all up, just understand that life is not something to be taken seriously. In fact, life is not only a play but also a joke. It is not just you who are a joke, but everybody else is a joke. The surprising thing is that you can treat people with love and respect only when you are not serious.

When everything looks like a joke, then where will anger arise from? In fact, everything becomes very simple and easy. Only when things become easy can you judge rightly. Right now, all your perceptions, judgement and views about people are wrong because you yourself are so complicated.

Get out of this complicated pattern that you’ve got yourself stuck into and live life fully. Do not think in terms of forgiveness. Do not ask questions such as, “How should I Forgive?”, “Why should I forgive?”, “Why is it so difficult?”

Questions like these make you go round and round in circles. To solve any problem in life, no answers are required, but instead, a simple understanding is all that is required.

Once you understand life, then suddenly, all questions disappear. What remains then is a simple and precise understanding which is clear and unclouded, just as the sky on a perfect summer.

How can a human Being evolve in Life? – Understanding Conscious and Unconscious growth!

Growth is one of the most important aspects in the process of evolution of mankind, but man does not seem to evolve. When we talk about the evolution of human species, we generally think of it to be an external growth – bigger homes, better technology, faster means of transport and so on. These things by themselves can add great value to man’s life, but do not necessarily contribute directly towards man’s growth.

Evolution is not biological growth. Neither does evolution involve growth in science, technology and luxury; because all of these things as well are ultimately ways to support the growth of man’s biology. For example, better technology can help you live life in comfort; it can make your survival on this planet easy, but survival is not the ultimate goal of life.

How are we going to put our survival to use in order for growing of consciousness to take place? – This is the real question we need to ask ourselves. Mere survival is futile because the question still remains: survival for what?

Always remember that survival is not the end, but a means. It is a means towards achieving something higher in life. In fact, the reason why there exists a thing such as survival is just so that we can move beyond it.

Life becomes meaningful when survival becomes a means towards a certain end. Therefore, by this, it is safe to conclude that survival has meaning only when it is used to help levitate human consciousness. Therefore, evolution has nothing to do with the physical growth of man, but the growth in consciousness.

You may have a great physique, millions of dollars, a luxurious home, and the best kind of cars, but who are you? What is it that makes you human besides your physical form? These are the questions which you need to contemplate upon in order for transformation to begin. To me, the growth in consciousness is the only real growth in life. Everything else that happens in the name of growth is simply a deception.

Years ago, I used to work for a nine-to-five job which I really enjoyed. I enjoyed the feeling of being productive. My bosses would tell me that I will certainly attain tremendous growth in life if I continued working the way I was. Unfortunately, their definition of growth was flawed. What they meant by growth was that I would someday get a higher salary and incentives from the company which would help me afford a better home. I would be able to settle down with a beautiful wife and have children, go on vacations every year, and then… and then… ultimately die.

Unfortunately, their definition of growth was flawed. What they meant by growth was that I would someday get a higher salary and incentives from the company which would help me afford a better home. I would be able to settle down with a beautiful wife and have children, go on vacations every year, and then… and then… ultimately die.

For many years, I used to think that all of the things I mentioned above is what growth was all about. I felt like if I had all of those things and if I could make a better and more comfortable life for myself and my family then I was on the right path.

Fortunately, one fine day, reality struck me. Everything that I was doing seemed meaningless. Yes, I was definitely growing in life, but that growth was the growth of the ego. I as a human being wasn’t evolving at all. While the things around me seemed to be in perfect order, there was still a part of me that was full of disorder. I felt as though I was simply blood, skin and bones. I wasn’t conscious of anything beyond my physical self.

  • Everything superficial has a depth:

A man goes in search of superficial things and sometimes, in those superficial things he sees a glimpse of God. Therefore, everything in life has a beauty of its own, and nothing is superficial. Life is dual: Every in has an out; every up has a down; every left has a right. In the same way, everything in life that seems superficial has a certain depth to it. In fact, the reason why things are superficial is because they have depth.

The very word superficial implies that there is depth. One of the greatest lessons that I’ve learnt in life is that if you penetrate anything superficial in life, you are bound to find meaning which stimulates the growth in consciousness which I was talking about earlier. For many years when I was living a “superficial” life, I realised that I was constantly searching for something deeper within all of these superficial things that were part of my life.

I got involved in these superficial things so totally, that I reached a point of no return. Whenever you reach a point of no return in life and when there is nowhere to go, the only place that remains to go is within. Inside is the only way out. When all doors are closed and when you’ve penetrated the superficial so deeply, it is almost like the entire universe has come to a standstill – this is where the explosion happens. This explosion reveals to you the depth that was hiding behind the curtain of superficiality.

  • The reason why people do not grow in life:

The reason why people do not grow in life is because they see only one side of things. They see the superficial and they stop right there. Always remember that everything in life is superficial. However meaningful a certain thing may be to you, it is all superficial. That is how this world is made.

It is man’s duty to uncover the hidden secrets behind all of these seemingly superficial things that are part of existence. Life cannot do much. Existence does not provide meaning. Existence only provides you with an opportunity to find meaning. It is your duty to find meaning.

If you’ve reached your deathbed and your entire life seemed like a waste when you look back, do not blame God. Do not say to God that you created a superficial world that has absolutely no meaning. Refrain from asking for forgiveness. Do not go to the church to confess your sins. If you had penetrated life to its depth, you would find heaven right here, right now.

The truth of these words can only be comprehended by men and women that have made a conscious effort to grow.

  • Conscious and Unconscious Growth:

When I say that the truth can only be comprehended by men and women that have made a conscious effort to grow, what do I mean? It is important to understand this. There are two ways in which a human being grows. The first kind of growth is unconscious. When I say unconscious, what I mean is that you grow with the support of others.

An unconscious growth is a growth in which you are forced to grow in a certain way. The nation, the society, the family, and the religion that you are part of when you first came here on this earth are trying their best to help you grow in a certain way. They give you all kinds of readymade answers. They give you fixed patterns to live by. You are given a new pair of eyes with which you can only see that which they want you to see. If you give in to them, you will certainly grow, but your growth in life will be unconscious. Your bank balance will grow, your friends will grow, your relationships will grow; but you will not grow.

All growth in life is futile if it doesn’t involve the growth of oneself. As a matter of fact, the growth of oneself is the only growth. The growth of oneself, by one’s own will, is conscious growth. Growth that happens by the will of other’s is what unconscious growth is.

  • More on Conscious and Unconscious Growth:

Existence is such that if a human being does not grow consciously, life already has a certain pattern in place to help growth happen. For example, growing old is unconscious growth. Whether you like it or not, you will grow old. When an individual grows older, every stage in life has a certain lesson to teach him whether or not he wants to learn. For example, when a child becomes thirteen, he hits puberty and suddenly, the world around him changes. His entire vision changes. The way he sees things, the way he talks and interacts with the opposite sex; all of these changes come naturally as a result of puberty.

Can you label this natural event of puberty as growth? Yes, from a certain perspective, it is certainly a growth, but it is not the growth that has come out of your effort. Because life has to continue, therefore, it is inevitable for this kind of growth to happen. You did not consciously intend to attain puberty.

Similarly, when you grow old and reach a certain age, sex completely disappears from your life. Again this is a major change that facilitates growth, but is this conscious growth?

In life, there are many changes that happen continuously and whether we want to or not, we automatically become part of those changes. So if you have learnt a few lessons as a result of such unconscious growth, there is nothing to feel proud about. Everybody learns few things in life, not because they wanted to learn them, but because learning them was necessary for life to continue.

  • A man of consciousness goes beyond:

A man of consciousness goes beyond all unconscious growth and takes life in his own hands. This does not mean that unconscious growth will not happen. Yes, a man of consciousness will certainly have a part of him that grows unconsciously, but he won’t be a slave to it. Yes, he can enjoy all the pleasures that life brings, but he cannot drown himself into them.

Just as a man who knows how to swim does not drown, in the same way, a man who strives towards attaining consciousness cannot get himself drowned in unconsciousness, and therefore it is only a man of consciousness who enjoys life fully. Everybody else that thinks they are living life to the fullest are simply deceiving themselves.

  • Final Words:

Understanding the subtle differences between conscious and unconscious growth is the only way to evolve.

Evolution of form is not the aim of life. Evolution of the emptiness within the form is the only evolution there is. All other forms of evolution are simply deceptions.

What are your views on this? What steps have you taken in life in order to grow consciously? Do let me know in the comments down below.

Why is it NOT possible to attain Perfection?

Human beings for thousands of years have been in search of attaining perfection no matter what it is that they do. Perfection seems to be the highest priority in life.

Whether you are a painter, dancer, musician or even an ordinary shoemaker or someone who works for a regular nine-to-five job; we all seek perfection. This is man’s reality. The fact that he cannot remain stable in one place is the greatest blessing and also the greatest curse.

The blessing lies in the fact that humankind has developed greatly as far as technology, comfort, and luxury is concerned. It is man’s constant search for perfection that has brought the earth to the point where it is at the moment.

The curse lies in the fact that perfection is impossible to attain. Why is it so? People have been chasing to become perfect only because they have not understood perfection. If we understand what perfection is, we will never run after it. This does not in any way mean that development in the outside and inside world will not be possible. Development will definitely be as much a possibility as it was before with a major difference: The difference is in the fact that man will no longer be tensed.

  • Understanding the Truth:

Understanding the truth is one of the most beautiful things in life because only in understanding is one able to live life. Your whole approach towards life changes the moment this understanding dawns upon you. That is why Jesus says, the truth sets you free.

The truth sets a man free because the truth gives you a complete picture of a certain thing. Our understanding of life is always partial. Have you not observed that even if you are looking at a certain object, you cannot look at it entirely because, at any given time, you can only observe and study a part of it.

This applies to everything in nature. That is why scientists are so tensed. They have tried to understand things in their totality, but have never managed to do so. Why? Because life as such cannot be understood completely unless we know certain principles and laws based on which it works.

Perfection is one such truth that needs to be understood because it is one of those things that is very intimate with man and woman’s nature.

  • Even a small child seeks perfection:

A child too in one way or another is seeking perfection, although children are not as tensed about achieving it and therefore they look more radiant and relaxed. Children are always joyful and ecstatic because their search for perfection is not a tense state of affairs. It is an absolutely relaxed way of seeking perfection and therefore every child is perfect. Have you ever come across a child that is imperfect?

Even if a small child is handicapped in some way, he is far more perfect than an adult who is completely fit and healthy. The child’s health comes from his understanding of life. Unfortunately, as the child grows up we start training him to understand the ways of the world. Gradually he loses his abilities. He becomes retarded.

It is not surprising that every child is born as a genius and as he grows up, he becomes retarded. The education and training that we give to our children is designed to create insane human beings. The proof of this lies in all the wars that have been fought over the years.

  • The entire world is fighting for Perfection:

Man has been fighting all his life to attain this thing called perfection. One nation is trying to prove its superiority over other nation – This is basically what wars are all about. In fact, everything that we do in life is nothing but a war.

Wars are not something that are only fought on battlegrounds by the military, army and soldiers – Every company, institution, society, or system is fighting a war in some way or the other. This war that is being fought is to achieve perfection.

Once a person attains victory, he immediately looks at himself and feels silly. I have heard a song in which the artist says that the dream to achieve something in life is more of an achievement than actually achieving the dream – When I first heard this, I was glad that there are people who actually realise it.

With this basic understanding, we can move ahead and actually get into the whole subject of why perfection isn’t possible.

  • Why is it not possible to attain Perfection:

When we use the word perfection, it means to come to a state where you have accomplished fully what had to be achieved. Now there is nothing to achieve. There are only two types of perfect people in the world. The only two people in the world who are perfect is a dead man and a man who has achieved enlightenment.

Dead people are perfect because they have come to a standstill. There is nothing more to achieve now. They can rest safely in their graves without any worries – This is what perfection is. That is why whenever a man run’s after fame, money, prestige, respect and superficial things like these, immediately after attaining them, he feels dead on the inside.

Have you not experienced this in your own life? You work so hard to become a graduate or get a PhD in a certain subject and finally, graduation day has come and you have been given your certificate. Now what? For a day, a week or two you will be celebrating and very soon you will ask yourself. What now? You will feel a deep emptiness inside of you which you have never felt before.

That is how things in life are for a person who is constantly seeking perfection. To seek perfection is to look for the future, and the future is always far ahead. Tomorrow never comes. As much as this sounds like a cliché, it is important to understand this statement fully.

A dog trying to run after its own tail is the perfect example of what a man looks like when trying to seek perfection.

To experience and understand that tomorrow never comes is one of the most profound things in life to learn, because though this understanding man understands life.

  • The enlightened man:

We then have an enlightened man. An enlightened man is a perfect man. You would hear enlightened people say quite often that the life that you are currently living is perfect as it is.

Eckhart Tolle calls it living in the now. The entire teaching of Eckhart Tolle is based on the fact that everything worth having in life is present in the now.

Most people think of this to be some sort of a philosophy or perhaps a statement too good to be true, but if you have observed life carefully, you would understand this to be one of the greatest truths.

Also, an elightened man too is not really perfect. Yes, if you look at enlightenment itself, it is perfect.Enlightenment is perfect but unless you are in the body, there is still a part of you that is imperfect. So when I say that an elightened man is perfect, I am only referring to his consciousness, not his actual physical self.

Enlightenment is perfect but unless you are in the body, there is still a part of you that is imperfect. So when I say that an elightened man is perfect, I am only referring to his consciousness, not his actual physical self.

As far as the physical self is concerned, nobody is perfect. Therefore, when an enlightened man says that you are perfect as you are, he is not referring to you, but the consciousness that is within you. So, it is important to understand how to stay connected with this “consciousness” part of you so that you can be perfect in each moment.

  • Life is simple:

Life is very simple and so are the lessons that are part of it. Our schools and colleges have trained us to understand complicated things and that is why it becomes so difficult for you to comprehend things that are plain and simple.

If people call you insane, twisted, complicated and so on, you are a lucky man, because what they are really saying is that you are a simple, ordinary man.

To be ordinary in the world that is constantly seeking extraordinariness is the only sane thing. Life, as it is right now is perfect.

  • Don’t make perfection a goal, it is already present:

When I say that perfection is impossible, I only mean that perfection, when made into a goal, is impossible to achieve, because perfection is the truth of man. Man as he is, is already perfect.

There is nowhere to go in life. Why? Why is it that there is nowhere to go in life? There is nowhere to go because perfection is not a goal to be sought, but a reality to be lived. The moment you accept yourself, you have already started growing, and growth is perfection.

  • Life has a quality of acceptance to it:

The reason why everything is so beautiful in the world is because life has a quality of acceptance to it. You are life, accept yourself.

The sky is not wishing to be the earth. The apple tree is not trying to be like the oak tree. The bird that is flying in the sky is not trying to be like a lion. Man is the only creature that is constantly trying to become something. In that very hope of wanting to become something, he becomes everything but what he wishes to become.

Man wants to become a genius, but he ends up becoming mad. He wants to be the king, but he becomes a beggar. This is how life works. The moment you have set a goal far into the future, you have missed your potential.

  • To Surrender is to Attain Perfection:

The target that you are aiming for is already present within you. Whatever you want to achieve is present here. The seed wants to become a tree, but it is already a tree. What is missing then? Why has the seed not become a tree yet?

The seed has not become a tree because it thinks that it is a seed. The seed is not really a seed, but just an excuse to protect the tree inside it. The moment the seed looks within itself, it finds its real potential and in that moment, it surrenders to the soil. The moment the seed surrenders itself into the soil, immediately, it breaks open and with the passage of time, it becomes what it already was.

A seed is a seed only until it is under the illusion that it has to become a tree somewhere in the future. The moment the seed realises that it is already a tree, it immediately surrenders itself into the ground. In that surrendering, transformation happens.

Once you have surrendered to life, you become perfect. Even as you are now, whether you are broke, living in a rented apartment barely being able to make it, or whichever situation you happen to be in – remember that it is out of this situation that your growth is possible.

  • Surrender is a constant process:

Always remember that surrender is a constant process. Until you have not reached enlightenment, you have to go on surrendering.

Yes, you can enjoy and delight in everything that you have achieved, but once you have enjoyed it totally, remember again that a longing will arise in your heart to move even beyond that stage which at one point in life you wanted to achieve so bad.

Now again you can fall into the same trap of wishing to achieve your new goal, but always remember that again, just like before, the goal you wish to achieve is already present inside of you. All you need to do is realise this and surrender. Each moment of surrender gets you closer towards achieving that which you see as a possibility only in the future.

So always remember this word surrender, and make it a part of your living experience.

What are your views and opinions on perfection? Do share them in the comments down below.

How to live a life of Happiness when it seems almost Impossible?

In my previous article, I spoke about the ways in which a person can identify whether he is happy. In today’s article, I want to talk more about happiness and how an individual through understanding and insight can live a life of Happiness.

It is important to understand that happiness is more than an emotion or a feeling. Happiness goes far beyond all mundane descriptions and philosophies.

The reason why people are unhappy is not because unhappiness is our fate, but because we haven’t yet learnt the art of living life. Yes, living life is an art. You may go through your entire life doing a thousand and one things and yet it wouldn’t matter a bit unless you change your entire pattern of living life.

Unhappiness will be the norm unless you understand the nature of life. I will try and get into as much detail as I can and yet keep things as simple as possible so that some understanding can happen inside of you.

  • Never ask the “How” question:

To understand Happiness, you need to understand life. Life is not a problem or a question that needs a solution. What we call life is a certain experience; a flux; a dynamic, or a mystical phenomenon.

Happiness as well is a part of life. Therefore, the basic understanding is that because happiness is a part of life, it will have the essence of mystery to it. Happiness is a mystery. Nobody knows what it is.

It may seem very unfortunate to know that happiness is a mystery, but it is not. It is good that happiness is a mystery. If there was no mystery about happiness, then a simple answer would have satisfied you.

Only a question can be answered, a mystery has to be lived. Life is a mystery.

For example, if you asked me: What is love? and If I had to give you a book and say to you that this book contains everything that you need to know about love, how would you react?

You would become very excited, but imagine how dead your life would become once you were done with the book. Now that you have read the entire book, nothing remains a mystery anymore. There is no need to fall in love with a woman, there is no need to go out on dates, there is no need to hug each other, there is no need to for anything because now you know it all.

Once you have read everything about love, what is the point of falling in love? Imagine how dull life would have been if everything could be boiled down to knowledge.

Therefore, never ask the question how when it comes to happiness. Happiness is not found but stumbled upon.

  • Happiness is hidden within Unhappiness:

Life is a strange phenomenon. There are circumstances and situations that seem so contrasting and yet there is a certain harmony between them just like music. On the outside, it may seem as though silence is against music, but if there were no gaps of silence between two notes, then life would have just been a noise.

Silence is what gives rise to music. The entire secret of happiness lies in this understanding. We always escape from situations that seem negative. For example, the moment you feel lonely, just observe your actions carefully.

You would notice that even a moment of loneliness hasn’t passed and you immediately call a friend, run to a bar, switch on the television, or you start reading a book.

Entertainment is one of the greatest barriers to happiness, and anything can become an entertainment in life. Even things which seem deeper are just forms of entertainment.

Nobody likes to be lonely because it gives rise to unhappiness, but you can’t escape. As a matter of fact, instead of escaping, you need to create more situations in which you can feel your loneliness even more. This sounds really strange but just try it out as an experiment.

The next time you feel unhappy, do something that will make you more unhappy. Play sad music, close yourself inside a dark room and start crying. What you do doesn’t matter. Just find any excuse to be unhappy. A moment comes when unhappiness suddenly fades away. How long can you be unhappy? Nothing in life is permanent.

The reason you are always unhappy is because you keep running away from it. For once, just try and switch roles and see the magic.

  • Happiness Lies within You:

I can feel the cringe that you’re feeling right now the moment you hear that. I mean, what a cliché right? We have all heard this statement, and rather than feeling happy, we become more unhappy. This statement has almost become a joke.

Why is it so? You need to understand the fact that the people who use this statement are the ones who do not understand it at all. If you ask them the reason, they will not be able to answer you. In fact, all their answers will simply make you even more confident that happiness lies outside.

I wanted to give you my own perspective on this and the way I see it. I am not an enlightened man so obviously, I cannot give you my perspective from an absolute state of emptiness. Although, I still have a certain insight into this through years of observation and inner exploration.

If any of my observations make sense to you, then you can take it. If not you can share your views with me in the comments of how you perceive it to be.

  • Outside situations work like triggers:

The way I experience and understand unhappiness is that the circumstances and situations outside of us simply work like triggers. To be more precise, a certain event simply acts as a trigger to awaken the happiness or unhappiness that is already inside of us.

For example, you watch the news on television which talks about the injustice that is going on in the world. Now, this can create a trigger inside of you that life is meant to be miserable. One thought leads to another and suddenly, you realise that you have fallen into a bottomless pit of negative thoughts which create unhappiness.

You go through your entire day feeling miserable. Now, there are thousands of people who must have watched the same news, and everybody felt a certain emotion based on what was already inside of them.

You must be wondering what a happy person would feel about a similar situation. A happy person feels bad, but that bad feeling does not make him unhappy or miserable. A happy person may feel sorry, but he won’t feel any emotion that will put him into a negative state.

  • A positive situation triggering Unhappiness…:

I’ll give you another example which will help you understand this better. You may have seen couples on the street hugging, kissing, or just walking together. Whenever you observe something like this, how do you feel inside of you?

Now the obvious thing to conclude is because two people are loving each other, you will naturally feel happy looking at them. When two people are walking together, there is nothing about this situation that makes it negative, but if you are the type of person who is always unhappy and miserable, you will suddenly start to feel lonely, jealous, or even angry at these random people whom you don’t even know.

In the previous example when I spoke about the news, you had an excuse that a negative circumstance is what triggered unhappiness, but what about this situation where there was no outside trigger to make you feel unhappy? In fact, you take any situation on the outside and judge it using your inner reaction and you will notice that unhappiness happens irrespective of what is going on outside.

Something as beautiful as a child playing can also make you feel unhappy. You may think of your own childhood and feel that those days are gone – suddenly you are unhappy. Just observe yourself and you will notice that everything just works as a trigger. From this, it becomes simple to conclude that happiness is something that lies within you. If you were happy on the inside, the outside situation would trigger happiness.

Therefore, both happiness and unhappiness lie within you. Never blame someone else for the way you feel. This does not mean that you let a person walk all over you, but it just means that you hold the power in every situation.

  • Unhappiness has become a Habit:

You can never live a life of happiness if unhappiness has become your habit. You may try to convince yourself that this is not true, but it is. Unhappiness is a habit. You have been unhappy for so long that you have an automated program in your mind which filters happiness out.

You will be surprised but every person in the world has moments when happiness knocks on his door, but in those moments you are always busy being unhappy. If your eyes have been habituated to experience unhappiness, you will automatically close yourself to situations that can make you happy.

So many people complain about unhappiness and yet they are the same people that avoid every opportunity in life that can bring happiness.

  • Final words:

Remember that happiness is not so simple to achieve. You need to take risks and give up your old habits in order to feel happy again. You have to work hard to achieve happiness just as you have worked hard to become unhappy.

It is not only happiness that requires hard work. Even unhappiness requires hard work, and if you ask a spiritual teacher or a mystic, he will tell you that you have worked hard for your unhappiness not only in this life but for many lives together. Your unhappiness the bitter fruit of your hard work of thousands of years.

If only you could switch your perspective right now and work hard to attain happiness, then happiness can be yours right now.

How to Know if You’re Really Happy?

Happiness is one of those feelings which everybody craves for. We all seek to be happy, but it seems like a faraway dream.

Everybody wishes happiness in life and yet nobody seems to find happiness – this simply means that we have a wrong understanding of what happiness is. If an individual has understood happiness, how is it possible that he manages to become unhappy all the time?

Therefore, it is important for us to understand how we deceive ourself into thinking that we are happy which is the major cause of unhappiness. Remember unhappiness itself is not the problem, but our lack of understanding of what happiness is is the real problem.

In today’s topic, I would like to discuss some of the ways in which you can identify whether you’re really happy or if your happiness is simply a pretention.

  • You have no reason to be happy:

This is one of the indications that you are truly happy. It is understandable to feel happy in the midst of a circumstance that triggers you to feel happy. You have got a promotion at work, you had a satisfying meal at your favourite restaurant, your wife has cooked your favourite meal, or your friends have given you a surprise on your birthday – All of these things on the outside trigger happiness.

For a person who is really happy, nothing triggers happiness. As a matter of fact, everything outside him just adds to the happiness that already exists within.

In your life too, if you are really joyous from within, in every circumstance and situation you will find yourself feeling happy. Your friends may ask you what kind of stuff you’ve been smoking lately.

Every happy person to the outside world seems like a drug addict, because in this world which is so harsh, where there is failure, darkness, and sorrow it is hard for people to imagine that there can be anything else besides drugs, alcohol, or food that can make a person happy.

A person who is not really happy, or a person whose happiness is just superficial will always need an outside trigger to feel happy; whereas for a person who is really happy, the circumstances and situations outside just magnify the happiness within him, or more precisely, it gives him more clarity of the thing that is within him – This is one of the most basic differences between a superficially happy person and a person who is happy from within.

  • Happiness is not part of your emotions:

For a person who is superficially happy, happiness is like an emotion. Emotions are like seasons that come and go. At one moment you are happy, at another moment you feel depressed and so on. So if you are not really happy, you will find that your happiness is just momentary.

This does not mean that you will never be miserable. A happy person is capable of being miserable too, but unlike a superficially happy person, his happiness gives his life a certain depth.

A person who is superficially happy is miserable too, but his misery is like a sickness. He feels absolutely hopeless in his misery. His misery is suicidal. His misery may lead him to do the wrong things. On the other hand, a happy man’s misery will always take him one more step closer to even more happiness than before.

So when I say that happiness is not part of your emotions, what I’m saying is that your happiness is permanent irrespective of your circumstances. A miserable person cannot enjoy his misery, but a happy person can.

In fact, no other person enjoy’s misery as much as a happy person does, because he is fully aware that once the misery is gone, he will be happy again.

  • You don’t laugh as often as you did before:

Now, this may sound really ridiculous but I want you to understand the psychology behind laughter. Why does a person laugh? A person generally laughs when he has some sadness inside of him.

Have you ever seen the statues of saints, mystics and enlightened people from the past? Look at Jesus’ statue. He seems as though he’s had enough of life, or take a look at a picture of Bodhidharma.

Bodhidharma looks almost like a monster ready to destroy the whole planet. You will find almost every enlightened person with a serious face. I’ve always wondered what was wrong with these people. If they found God, then why do they look sad?

The reason why all of these saints and mystics look serious is because there is no need to laugh or smile. They are already joyous, so what’s the point? Please understand this because it may sound like a contradiction, but it isn’t.

When a man is really happy, he finds no reason to laugh, because a person almost always laughs only to hide his suffering.

For a person who is happy from within, laughter loses all meaning simply because sorrow has no meaning either. It is not something to be surprised about. When there is nothing that can make a person unhappy, is it not logical to conclude that there is nothing that can trigger laughter either?

Yes, a person who is happy from within does laugh, but his laughter has a totally different reason. His laughter or smile is not to hide his tears. In fact, he laughs to give the world a glimpse of his inner world which is full of joy.

  • You become Creative:

The moment a person finds himself filled with joy, he wants to put all of his energy into a certain task. Hence creativity comes naturally to a happy person. If you are really happy, you will automatically become creative.

The same thing applies when you are sad, or full of misery. A miserable person as well creates. The only difference being that he cannot be creative.

In the world there are two types of people, those who create, and those who are creative. A person who is miserable can write songs, can dance, and sing, just as a person who is really happy – the only difference being that the former cannot be creative.

It is one thing to create, and a totally different thing to be creative. Everybody creates something or the other in this world, but not everybody can be creative. A person can be called creative only when his act of creation is driven by an undercurrent of happiness.

So what you create does not matter as much as the consciousness with which you create. Just as a liquid takes the shape of the container in which it goes, in a similar way, your creation will take the shape of the consciousness with which you create it.

This is the basic difference between being creative and being a creator. To be a creator, you simply have to create, but what you create doesn’t matter. You can create sadness, misery, and hate and still call yourself a creator.

Therefore, creation is not the criteria. Your inner state is the criteria.

  • Final Words:

Everything that I have discussed above are ways in which you can find out whether you’re happiness is superficial or whether your happiness truly comes from within.

Remember that whatever I have written is not so that you can go out and judge whether others. Everything that I have written in this article is meant for the purpose of analysis of onself.

Do share your views on happiness in the comments down below. I would like to hear from you.

How To Live Life Without Any Purpose – Giving up Struggle!

The meaning and purpose of dancing is the dance. Like music also, it is fulfilled in each moment of its course. You do not play a sonata in order to reach the final chord, and if the meaning in things were simply in ends, composers would write nothing but finales – Alan Watts.

We have all grown up to believe that life has a certain purpose. I completely disagree with the statement. Why? Because of what I’ve come to understand from my own life experiences and the way things work.

Have you ever observed a river flowing? Looking at the river flow, the mind immediately questions, “Why is the river flowing?” Some may say that the river flows because it needs to reach the ocean. Someone else may say that the river flows so that the birds, animals, or humans may drink from it.What we do not realise is that the same river that you’ve been sitting by today was flowing yesterday too; It has been flowing for thousands of years even when you weren’t here.

What we do not realise is that the same river that you’ve been sitting by today was flowing yesterday too; It has been flowing for thousands of years even when you weren’t here.

The fact of the matter is that the river has no purpose in flowing. It does not flow for you, or for anybody else. It has no reason to flow. The river flows because that is its nature.

The sun shines not for you or any particular individual, it shines because that is the nature of the sun. Similarly, you too exist here on this earth not to fulfill a certain purpose.

  • A Childhood Conditioning to Live with a certain Purpose:

You have been trained to live life with a certain purpose, ever since you were a child. The people who were responsible to provide you with food clothing, shelter, knowledge have told you to create a certain meaning in your life, or to do something that will make your life meaningful.

Unfortunately, life works in strange ways. Life loses all its meaning for a man who is continuously in search of meaning. On the other hand, a man who has forgotten all about creating meaning in life is the only person whose life consists of any value, or meaning.

Your parents, teachers and those around you may tell you that you are born into a family of businessmen and so your purpose is to become a buisinessman. An indivdual born to parents who are doctors, will tell him that God has brought him exclusively for the purpose of healing people.

According to the same logic, if a man is born in a carpentars family, what is his purpose then? To chop wood? Or if a man is born in a cobblers family, does it mean that his purpose is to polish shoes? Obviously, nobody wants their child to become a carentar, a cobbler or get into a certain field which does not have any value to the mainstream world.

  • Life a life with No concepts, Mantras, or Philosophies:

People live life with all kinds of concepts, mantras, philoosphies and so on. People live life based on all of these beautiful words and suddenly find that their lives have become ugly.

Life is bound to become ugly for a man who lives based on a certain concepts simply because that is the nature of life. Life has no purpose. It is absolutely meaningless. I know you don’t like to hear this, but things have to be said the way they are.

  • Life is Leela:

The reason I chose to write about this topic is because I happened to remember the hindu word, “Leela” which means play. Hindu’s say that life is a play. For a lazy person like me, there can be nothing else that sounds more beautiful than this.

The first time I heard that statement, I felt like it was too good to be true. The reason is that as a teenager I continuously struggled to find something that I loved to do. There was a time when all of my friends had already decided what it is that they’re going to do in life and there I was still trying to figure out why am I here and what my purpose is.

I became so obsessed with this whole idea that even while I was sitting at my examination desk rather than thinking of how I’m going to answer a particular question I was instead thinking to myself, “Is this why I have come here – to give this examination?”. Obviously I ended up dropping out in my final year. I failed every examination that I attended.

  • 24 Years of Life spent in trying to find my Purpose:

I spent almost 24 years of my life in trying to figure out my purpose until I finally just gave up and relaxed. Deep inside of me, I thought I’d be better off just doing what I loved to do. Even the most trivial things in life like travelling on my way to work, eating the food I loved, or working out at the Gym I started to enjoy.

I used to work for a certain company at the time, and I remember how much I enjoyed working there. I spent hours in office without feeling any stress simply because I enjoyed my work too. After working for a few years I felt I needed to enjoy a little more so I resigned from the job.

For more than 2 years I did almost nothing, and when I say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing as far as prodicitvity is concerned. For more than two years all I did was read books, sit in silence for hours, eat my favourite foods, drink beer, and enjoy.

Looking at the way I was living life my parents became tensed because for more than a year, I did not earn a single penny. I forgot everything about my future. I forgot about marriage, making a family, having a stable source of income for my future and just lived life like a vagabond.

My parents finally quit and left me on my own and I remember how contented I felt. At times I did feel that I was wasting my life, but I reminded myself continuously that I needed to enjoy whatever I was doing.

  • When I Chose to Write:

Even the day that I began writing I enjoyed every moment of it. I don’t feel like I am a great writer or that writing is my purpose in life. I write because I enjoy doing it.

The reason why I started Mystic Mankind was not with the intention of helping anobody either. I had spent the last 2 years of my life in such joy that I just couldn’t contain it all inside of me. It felt like I had to share a part of me with individuals who feel lost, discontented, and unhappy in their lives – Just the way I felt years ago.

I do feel anxious, tense, and depressed from time to time even today, but not in the same way that I felt before. I don’t feel helpless unlike before. If I feel depressed or tense, I do not try to change it anymore. I simply accept it, and it goes away, just the way it came.

The reason I shared my story in this article is not so that you can compare your life with mine. I am certainly not suggesting anyone that they should leave their jobs, sit at home and enjoy.

At the time, doing nothing came naturally to me. I had worked very hard for many years. The intensity with which I had worked through my entire life is what gave me the courage to relax. Relaxation is only possible when action has come to it’s peak.

My years of struggle had brough me to a peak, and it was impossible to go any further. Obviously, I had to relax because there was nothing to do in life.

  • Forget about the Future and Find Meaning NOW:

The moment you forget everything about the future is the moment that life loses all its purpose. The idea itself that life has to have a certain purpose sounds so stupid. The day you realise that life is a play, you will discover how foolish you were all this while. Even the fact that this question came to your mind will make you feel stupid, because life in itself is complete.

Life needs to have a purpose only if it lacks something. Life fortunately does not lack anythging. Existence is abundant and so is everything that is part of it. Just sit back, relax and see how life takes over. If you decide to fix anything in this world, you will only end up destroying it.

Order is an inherent part of nature. You just have to align yourself with it, and flow.

  • Stop Fighting against Crisis:

If you observe what people are doing in this world it would be enough for you to realise what I’ve just said.

I have heard a lot of people say that the world is in a crisis. Global warming, poverty, extinction of certain animal species is destroying this planet. All of these problems have been created by people who were trying to find purpose or add meaning to people’s lives.

All of this may sound strange, but it really isn’t. The foolishness of man can make the impossible possible.

Man has cut millions of trees to build houses because the population was increasing. Why did the population increase? Because people felt that it was their purpose to raise more kids. Using contraceptives is a sin because it destroys the basic purpose of procreation in life.

This one foolish idea of sin that entered into man’s mind has caused this whole problem of Global warming. It was man’s foolish ideas that have led to the problems that we’re facing today.

The people of today have now made it their purpose to help annihilate this crisis which they themselves have created in the first place. You will observe people everywhere around the world trying to start businesses, companies to solve the problems that people are facing and it won’t be surprising if we end up getting ourselves in a deeper ditch in the future if we continue with this idea of living life with a purpose.

  • The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions:

You may have heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. There is no difference between the people who have good intentions and the people who live life based on a certain purpose – they are both the same.

Ninety-five percent of the things that we do in life are useless. If you can just stop right at this moment and look at what you’re doing you would notice that a massive amount of energy that is being wasted in fulfilling a certain purpose can instead be used to enjoy, love and celebrate life.

  • Focus on the Essential:

Always focus only on the essential aspects of life. We will only be able to do those essential things with ease and effeciency if we have the courage to stop doing the things that we waste so much time on.

When more than half your life energy is being saved from avoiding the things that are nonessential your entire life is filled with Joy.

What does one do with all the energy that is saved? Energy finds its own ways in expressing itself. The universe has the opportunity to work through you when you are at ease and completely relaxed.

Have you noticed how all your genius ideas in life come when you are in the shower absolutely relaxed? Anything valuable is discovered only in a state of relaxation. You will find solutions only when you do not search for them. The more you seek for a solution, the more you miss it.

  • Life works Illogically:

The way that life works is absolutely illogical.  Life jumps directly from the problem to the solution. Life a purposeless life and everything will works just fine. In a state of purposelessness every action you take will bring immediate and precise results.

Whenever you are struggling with life, remember the word leela.  The only way to win in this world is to live life playfully. Give up struggle and life will be beautiful again.

What are your views on living life with no purpose? Share your opinions or experiences in the comments down below.