5 BIG Reasons why People fail to MANIFEST their desires

I do not manifest anything; I am just fooling around. I’ve got a very efficient partner [Shiva]. I simply leave it to him, and it happens – Sadhguru.

The Law of Attraction over the years has been a hot topic. When I first planned on starting a blog, I was really sceptical whether I should write about the Law of Attraction. One of the reasons is that The Law of Attraction is always used for all the wrong reasons.

People have a few selfish desires, and use the Law of Attraction to manifest them. I was unwilling to write about stuff that has nothing to do with the spiritual dimension of life.

Anyway, because so many people seem to be interested in the subject, I though I’d rather give it a go and give you my perspective on the Law of Attraction and the way I understand and apply it.

Here are some of the reasons why people fail to manifest their desires.

1) Using your mind more than required to manifest:

The mind is beautiful. It has its own uses, but when it comes to things beyond this world, the mind is impotent. For an Individual who really wants the Law of Attraction to work, it is important to get rid of this mind. Why? because the mind is logical. It asks questions like how? why? when? and what?

These questions are good when you’re encountered with a philosophical problem, but when it comes to life, philosophy is futile.

Whatever you desire can be yours if you quit asking questions such as, “When will I manifest the relationship?” “How will I know that the universe has taken into account my desire?” “How will I know that my desire has come to fruition?” All such questions are barriers towards having the Law of Attraction work for you.

2) Be Willing to Wait Forever:

I know this sounds bitter, but only those people who are willing to wait forever can manifest what they desire. The real question is: How long is forever? Well, that depends completely on you.

Whatever it is that a man desires can immediately be fulfilled, but we all have this concept of time in our mind which can be of immense help as far as living life in this world is concerned, but the fact that we obsess over time when it comes to our spiritual needs is one of the biggest misfortunes.

Whatever it is that you desire can immediately be fulfilled. But how long is immediate? Again, you need to get rid of the concept of time when it comes to manifestation. Always remember that time has nothing to do with the manifestation of a certain desire.

The spiritual world does not work based on our worldly clock. If we try to measure the amount of time it is going to take to achieve a certain outcome we will end up pushing the thing that we desire even further.

So the second thing that you need to get rid of is the concept of time. Waiting forever means to bring yourself in the present moment. The present moment is timeless, eternal and infinite.

Willing to wait forever means to simply relax right here and now. A person who cannot wait forever cannot relax. The fact that you constantly look at the calendar or the clock to see if you’re reaching your goal is what gets you all tensed and worried. Tension always takes you into the future. The only thing that exists in the future is imagination, not reality.

Be in the present and make your reality more and more tangible each day.

3) Delight in Everything and manifest quicker:

As much as this sounds easy, it really isn’t. It is easy to delight in things that give pleasure, joy, and happiness but it is hard to delight in the midst of pain, suffering, and anguish.

Why is it that we cannot delight in suffering? Now, this may sound like a very stupid question to ask simply because the answer seems quite obvious. Why would anybody delight in suffering? Suffering brings pain, and pain brings unhappiness so the answer is quite straightforward. Hence, nobody wants to suffer, but life does not work that way.

This world consists of both, pleasure and pain. It all depends on what you choose. You may be experiencing a serious illness and in a situation like this, it may be hard to not suffer, but please understand what suffering is first.

“To suffer”, and to “experience pain” are two completely different things. Pain is not in your hands, but suffering is. To suffer means to complain, to reject, or to feel sad about being in a certain situation.

Pain is something natural, but when you reject that pain and wish that it shouldn’t have been there, that is when suffering comes into the picture.

If you reject pain, you reject bliss as well. You can either have both or none. People want to live a lavish lifestyle; They want to have all the pleasures of the world but do not want to be unhappy. This is not the way things work. In choosing a certain thing, the opposite of it is automatically chosen.

Accept life for what it is and everything that you desire will come to fruition.

4) What are you willing to put at stake in order to manifest?

Whenever you desire a certain thing, ask yourself this question: What am I willing to put at stake? If the thing that you desire has any value to you, you should have the courage to put all your bad habits, and cowardly ways aside and work towards inculcating contrasting qualities.

For example, you may desire to attract a beautiful partner into your life. You want your partner to be loving, gentle, kind, intelligent and caring; but how many of those qualities that you desire in your partner do you actually have? If you have none of those qualities in you or aren’t willing to develop them into your life, there is no way that you’re going to attract the person you desire.

Everything else that you need to attract follows the same rule. Before you attract anything into your life you have to develop firm hands so that you are capable of holding what you’re asking for.

Would you invest your money in a product or service that is incapable of delivering a certain benefit? I’m sure you aren’t that foolish enough to do that, or perhaps you may be foolish to commit such mistakes once in a while, but existence does not commit any mistakes. Existence would not invest in you if it knows that you aren’t capable of benefitting yourself or others in any way.

Everything in this universe is orderly and precise. Existence is willing to pour itself into you, but you should be willing to give up everything and be open and receptive. Most importantly, you should be willing to invest time in making yourself able.  Only then you are worthy of receiving what you’re asking for.

5) Be Creative:

The reason why most people are unable to manifest what they desire is because they indulge in thought for a prolonged period of time.

The moment a person is introduced to the Law of Attraction, and they are told that their thoughts attract circumstances and situations in life, they forget everything else and focus entirely on thought.

Thoughts can be very satisfying because it does not require much effort on your part. You just need to give the mind an object to think about and it will generate a thousand and one thoughts that are related to the original thought.

If you think about a beautiful woman, your mind will immediately start generating thoughts related to that woman. You will have thoughts of drinking coffee with this woman, going out to dinner with her and so on. In your mind, you will go as far as possible. Perhaps you may go as far as imagining the two of you together in your old age. This is how the mind functions and at some point, you should realise that this is a trap.

One of the best ways to avoid excessive thinking, daydreaming and imagination is to become creative.

  • More On being creative:

Creativity is not a concept that is emphasised upon when the Law of Attraction is being discussed. Being creative is a good way to get your mind to stop wandering and help it focus on a certain activity. The common notion is that to be creative you need to be an artist like Picasso, or Van Gogh; or a dancer like Nijinsky and so on.

Being creative can involve any activity. You do not need to be an expert in anything in particular. I’ve discussed more on creativity in my free ebook which you can get if you sign up for my newsletter.

Anyway, being creative means to put all of your mind, heart, and soul into the activity that you’re involved in. Whether you’re cleaning your room, cooking, playing with a child or even if you are doing something as trivial as sitting down, you can still be creative in that moment.

Anything that helps you get into the present moment can be termed as creativity. One of the best things about being creative is that it not only helps you make good use of your time, but it also helps keep your mind away from your desire for a while.

  • The “Seed” and  “Farmer” Analogy:

Ordinarily, we keep focusing on our desires 24*7. It is as though a farmer sows the seeds into the ground and every now and then he keeps digging the ground to check the progress. What will happen to the seeds that are sown? They will take too long to sprout. They may even die and fail to grow into a plant.

This is exactly what we do with our desires. We desire to attract a certain thing and then every time, we look around to see if it has come or not. Every time we look around, we find that it hasn’t come yet. This happens because the universe is on its way to find the thing that you desire, and in your very thought process, you are disturbing its growth.

Once you have desired something, you need to get out of the way and help your desire to manifest itself in its own time.

When the farmer sows his seeds, he doesn’t think of thoughts such as, “How long will it take?” “Will the seeds sprout in time?” “What if it doesn’t rain this time, or what if it rains too much?” Thoughts like these only show that you do not trust life for what it can deliver.

  • Final Words:

If you put your full trust in the universe there is no way that you’re going to be disappointed. In the end, it is always important to surrender yourself and your desires completely in the hands of a force that is far more capable than your limited egoistic self.

What are your experiences with manifesting your desires? Do share your opinions in the comments down below.

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