The two Ways of achieving Material Wealth in life!

I have been studying the lives of all mystics ever since I first became interested in mysticism years ago. One of the things that I observed is that a lot of these saints and mystics have never had a problem as far as fulfilling their material needs are concerned. In fact, a lot of these spiritual gurus have especially in recent times have had a lot of material wealth.

We all at some point have wondered what made them so stable financially. The usual conclusion is that perhaps they have been deceiving people. Spiritual gurus have been considered to be the world’s greatest con men. I am not saying that that isn’t true because most of these spiritual gurus are conmen, but I am specifically referring to mystics.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that none of them had to ever bother about the food they ate, the clothes they wore, or the shelter in which they lived. I mean, do these people not have bills to pay? How do they manage to survive when their entire focus seems to be towards God?

I always wondered this, but then, as I began to understand and apply certain spiritual insights into my own life, I then realised a few things which I’d like to discuss in today’s topic.

So what are the two ways of Achieving material wealth in life?

  • Strive Hard Towards Achieving Material Wealth:

This is one of the most common ways of achieving material wealth. The entire world follows this concept. One of the advantages of following this method of achieving material wealth is that it gives you a great deal of security in life. the fact that you are working towards achieving material wealth assures you that you wouldn’t have to roam around the streets begging.

There is absolute security. This is why most people choose to live the worldly life. Besides the security, the other thing is that you will meet a lot of like-minded people who think just like you.

When you are out there in the world trying to achieve your financial goals, you will receive a tremendous amount of encouragement from others because everybody is trying to achieve the same thing that you are.

You end up making a lot of friends and your life become very comfortable. There is no risk involved. Yes, you may face a few problems here and there, but ultimately, you will feel a deep sense of security knowing that you do not have to worry about tomorrow.

Hence, the first way of achieving material wealth is to directly work towards it.

  • Strive Hard Towards Attaining Spiritual Insight:

This is the second way of achieving material wealth. All mystics have followed this path. They have renounced everything that the world has to offer and put their entire focus towards achieving the higher goals of life.

It is strange that no mystic has worked towards achieving material wealth and yet, not a single one of them in the world has been left unsatisfied.

You never hear Jesus working for a nine-to-five job. You never hear Buddha running a successful business. How do these people survive then?

One of the things that I have noticed after studying the lives of all these mystics is their ability to trust the divine.

I guess this is the only quality that the ordinary world lacks when compared to a mystic. A mystic is a person whose trust in life is total. Because his trust in life is total, he has no worry about the fulfilment of his material needs.

  • The Basic Law of Life:

Life operates based on certain fixed laws. A mystic lives his life in accordance with these laws. He does not go against them, and perhaps that is the reason why he is not afraid. Perhaps, this is the reason for his immense trust in existence.

The laws that are made by human beings are temporary. Today, there is a certain law, and tomorrow it is no more there. Hence, from another perspective, there is no guarantee or security. In fact, all security is simply a deception.

A mystic has no deceptions. He sees things the way they are clearly. Looking at the transitory nature of the laws created by man, a mystic lets go of all security that the world has to offer and takes refuge in life itself. From that day onwards, his entire life and all its needs are taken care of by the ultimate law of life which is eternal and cannot fail. Anybody who follows the laws of nature never leaves this earth hungry, disappointed or unfulfilled in any way.

  • Final Words:

In life, we all have a choice to either chase our dreams or struggle or work hard for wealth, and security. My intention with writing this article was not for you to leave the world and follow God. The message I was trying to put across is that in this life, always strive towards achieving things which will make your life meaningful.

Never compromise on your hearts desires for a few goodies that the world has to offer to you in terms of money, food or shelter. Our purpose in life is to always search and seek higher peaks. In that very longing to reach higher peaks, you will find that every lower need is somehow taken care of by this vast existence that has nurtured all of mankind including the birds, trees and animals.

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