The One “common” Trait that Every Creative Individual has.

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence – Osho.

I have been uncreative for the most part of my life. Years ago, I felt like only a selected few individuals are gifted with this ability to be “Creative”. One of the truths that I have stumbled upon over the years is that we are all born creative. Although, there is this one missing ingredient which makes most of us mediocre. I’ll talk about it in a while, but before that, there are a few things which need to be understood.

  • Nobody is born Lucky:

Everything that is part of this world requires a certain energy to help it function. Life is a very interdependent phenomenon and in order for something to manifest itself, there needs to be an invisible force behind it.

Man’s observation of life is very superficial in the sense that he sees only one side. He doesn’t look at life in its entirety. He looks at the manifestation but ignores the invisible which gave birth to the manifestation. Whenever you see an individual that has attained a certain level or wellbeing as far as wealth, creativity, relationships or any other aspect of life is concerned, you often use the phrase, “How lucky they are.”

This whole idea of a person being lucky is completely bogus. It comes as a result of lack of observation. To understand life, you need to look at the complete picture. This means that when you see a man or a woman who has attained a certain level in life which is beyond what most ordinary individuals have attained, you need to do some research and find out what exactly is it that makes them the way they are.

No human being on this earth is endowed with any special gifts, or talents. We all come here with exactly what we have created for ourselves – This took me many years to understand.

  • Madness is a spiritual quality:

When I first began to read about enlightened people, it surprised me that an individual in a single lifetime can attain something so valuable. To attain wealth in this world is one thing, whereas to attain a life filled with bliss is a completely different thing.

Whether it is an enlightened man like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu or any other mystic; or if it happens to be a wealthy man who has success in the outside world, I have noticed a common trait between both these categories of individuals and that is the quality of “madness”. Madness is a spiritual quality.

My usage of the word madness has nothing to do with an individual that is mentally ill. When I use the word madness, I am referring to the ultimate health that an individual can achieve in life.

Yes, madness is the ultimate health in life. Only those few individuals on this earth ever live, who have had the guts to walk around this so-called sane world with their madness. Society will try its best to make you sane. It will try in every way to help you fit with a certain ideology, culture, religion, and so on. In this way, there is no trouble for anybody. The real problem arises when an individual starts to claim something which he has already been born with.

  • Your creative potential is “Dormant”:

One of the greatest struggles in life is to claim your creative potential which has remained dormant for many years. If you ask a mystic, or a spiritual guru he will tell you that your creative potential has remained dormant for many lifetimes. You are yet to experience that side of you which is eternal, infinite and timeless. Of course, it will take a lot of struggle. Moreover, you will not experience your creative potential all at once.

  • A worldly man’s creative expression vs an Enlightened man’s creative expression:

Life never reveals itself all at once. Life is a series of revelations. Your creativity as well will be revealed to you in bits and pieces . If you have put in the effort, you will notice that your creativity expresses itself in different ways. It becomes more and more refined, more and more subtle as you reach higher levels in life. Therefore, you will see a huge difference between the way a worldly man expresses his creativity and the way a mystic or an enlightened person expresses his creativity.

The enlightened man has reached the peak of his creativity, whereas the worldly man is on his way to becoming more and more creative each day. To become creative is simply an effort to become one with existence. The enlightened man is absolutely one with existence and therefore, he is silent – there seems to be no reason to create anything.

Very rarely you will come across an enlightened man who is a musician, painter or dancer – this is because people who are enlightened do not feel the need to create because the creator and the creation have become one.

On the other hand, an unenlightened person who is trying to reach the peak of creativity will try different ways to express his creativity. Therefore you will always hear a musician, poet, painter or anybody who is into some sort of creative field say – I am yet to create something absolutely perfect. Dissatisfaction is a norm for a person who is on his way towards achieving the ultimate heights of creativity.

The worldly man is loud, aggressive and fierce. On the other hand, an enlightened man is completely opposite. He is calm,silent and still – this is how he often expresses his creativity, although he can choose other ways of expressing his himself. This does not mean that the worldly man’s creativity is of lesser value than an enlightened man; it just is insufficient, but nonetheless this common trait of being “mad” is present in both categories of individuals.

  • Be willing to give up everything:

I can never imagine a sane person writing poetry, composing music, or doing anything that a mad person does. These things for an ordinary person are impossible. Only an individual who is willing to lose his mind and put everything at stake can achieve something which the heart has in store.

  • Intelligence is expensive:

Only people with a certain level of intelligence are capable of tapping into this creative potential, but unfortunately, intelligence is very expensive. Intelligence requires you to give up a lot of things. It requires you to give up your mediocrity, fear, possessiveness, and most importantly it requires you to give up those things in life which you consider to have great value.

Ordinarily, life is very simple. For people who do not wish to create, society has already created a certain pattern. All you need to do is follow that pattern and live life peacefully.You go to school, you then grow up and study at university, you get a certificate, you find yourself a good job, get married, reproduce, and ultimately die – this is the pattern which society has created. There are a lot of advantages of following this pattern – people will call you a good human being, they will reward you, you will get respect from your elders, and so on.

You go to school, you then grow up and study at university, you get a certificate, you find yourself a good job, get married, reproduce, and ultimately die – this is the pattern which society has created. There are a lot of advantages of following this pattern – people will call you a good human being, they will reward you, you will get respect from your elders, and so on.

  • Do not lose your “Soul”:

If you choose to live according to the patterns formed by society your life will be very peaceful. There will be no trouble, no challenge. You will get everything that society has to offer: respect, fame, money, and so on. Although, you will lose that one thing which has ultimate value – your soul.

Man is so foolish that he embraces ordinary pleasures of life and abandons his soul. He then visits churches, temples, and other religious places to search for meaning in life.

A creative individual is someone who looks directly at life. In looking at life directly, he is able to find soul in it. Only a person who can find soul in the objective world can attain to creativity. Why? because, before you can become capable of seeing the beauty outside, you need to recognise the beauty within you.

Recognise your madness within and become it. Soon, you will realise that is entire existence is also just as much mad as you are. Again, let me remind you that this madness isn’t the pathological kind. The madness you will find within yourself and in existence has celebration as part of it.

All creativity is born as a result of keen observation into life and its processes. To become creative, you need to be willing to lose your mind and come to a point of total madness. Give up all of those things which had any value in your life. If you do, you will definitely attain something which has real value.

Let me know your views on creativity in the comments down below. Also feel free to share your own experiences on this subject.

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