How can a human Being evolve in Life? – Understanding Conscious and Unconscious growth!

Growth is one of the most important aspects in the process of evolution of mankind, but man does not seem to evolve. When we talk about the evolution of human species, we generally think of it to be an external growth – bigger homes, better technology, faster means of transport and so on. These things by themselves can add great value to man’s life, but do not necessarily contribute directly towards man’s growth.

Evolution is not biological growth. Neither does evolution involve growth in science, technology and luxury; because all of these things as well are ultimately ways to support the growth of man’s biology. For example, better technology can help you live life in comfort; it can make your survival on this planet easy, but survival is not the ultimate goal of life.

How are we going to put our survival to use in order for growing of consciousness to take place? – This is the real question we need to ask ourselves. Mere survival is futile because the question still remains: survival for what?

Always remember that survival is not the end, but a means. It is a means towards achieving something higher in life. In fact, the reason why there exists a thing such as survival is just so that we can move beyond it.

Life becomes meaningful when survival becomes a means towards a certain end. Therefore, by this, it is safe to conclude that survival has meaning only when it is used to help levitate human consciousness. Therefore, evolution has nothing to do with the physical growth of man, but the growth in consciousness.

You may have a great physique, millions of dollars, a luxurious home, and the best kind of cars, but who are you? What is it that makes you human besides your physical form? These are the questions which you need to contemplate upon in order for transformation to begin. To me, the growth in consciousness is the only real growth in life. Everything else that happens in the name of growth is simply a deception.

Years ago, I used to work for a nine-to-five job which I really enjoyed. I enjoyed the feeling of being productive. My bosses would tell me that I will certainly attain tremendous growth in life if I continued working the way I was. Unfortunately, their definition of growth was flawed. What they meant by growth was that I would someday get a higher salary and incentives from the company which would help me afford a better home. I would be able to settle down with a beautiful wife and have children, go on vacations every year, and then… and then… ultimately die.

Unfortunately, their definition of growth was flawed. What they meant by growth was that I would someday get a higher salary and incentives from the company which would help me afford a better home. I would be able to settle down with a beautiful wife and have children, go on vacations every year, and then… and then… ultimately die.

For many years, I used to think that all of the things I mentioned above is what growth was all about. I felt like if I had all of those things and if I could make a better and more comfortable life for myself and my family then I was on the right path.

Fortunately, one fine day, reality struck me. Everything that I was doing seemed meaningless. Yes, I was definitely growing in life, but that growth was the growth of the ego. I as a human being wasn’t evolving at all. While the things around me seemed to be in perfect order, there was still a part of me that was full of disorder. I felt as though I was simply blood, skin and bones. I wasn’t conscious of anything beyond my physical self.

  • Everything superficial has a depth:

A man goes in search of superficial things and sometimes, in those superficial things he sees a glimpse of God. Therefore, everything in life has a beauty of its own, and nothing is superficial. Life is dual: Every in has an out; every up has a down; every left has a right. In the same way, everything in life that seems superficial has a certain depth to it. In fact, the reason why things are superficial is because they have depth.

The very word superficial implies that there is depth. One of the greatest lessons that I’ve learnt in life is that if you penetrate anything superficial in life, you are bound to find meaning which stimulates the growth in consciousness which I was talking about earlier. For many years when I was living a “superficial” life, I realised that I was constantly searching for something deeper within all of these superficial things that were part of my life.

I got involved in these superficial things so totally, that I reached a point of no return. Whenever you reach a point of no return in life and when there is nowhere to go, the only place that remains to go is within. Inside is the only way out. When all doors are closed and when you’ve penetrated the superficial so deeply, it is almost like the entire universe has come to a standstill – this is where the explosion happens. This explosion reveals to you the depth that was hiding behind the curtain of superficiality.

  • The reason why people do not grow in life:

The reason why people do not grow in life is because they see only one side of things. They see the superficial and they stop right there. Always remember that everything in life is superficial. However meaningful a certain thing may be to you, it is all superficial. That is how this world is made.

It is man’s duty to uncover the hidden secrets behind all of these seemingly superficial things that are part of existence. Life cannot do much. Existence does not provide meaning. Existence only provides you with an opportunity to find meaning. It is your duty to find meaning.

If you’ve reached your deathbed and your entire life seemed like a waste when you look back, do not blame God. Do not say to God that you created a superficial world that has absolutely no meaning. Refrain from asking for forgiveness. Do not go to the church to confess your sins. If you had penetrated life to its depth, you would find heaven right here, right now.

The truth of these words can only be comprehended by men and women that have made a conscious effort to grow.

  • Conscious and Unconscious Growth:

When I say that the truth can only be comprehended by men and women that have made a conscious effort to grow, what do I mean? It is important to understand this. There are two ways in which a human being grows. The first kind of growth is unconscious. When I say unconscious, what I mean is that you grow with the support of others.

An unconscious growth is a growth in which you are forced to grow in a certain way. The nation, the society, the family, and the religion that you are part of when you first came here on this earth are trying their best to help you grow in a certain way. They give you all kinds of readymade answers. They give you fixed patterns to live by. You are given a new pair of eyes with which you can only see that which they want you to see. If you give in to them, you will certainly grow, but your growth in life will be unconscious. Your bank balance will grow, your friends will grow, your relationships will grow; but you will not grow.

All growth in life is futile if it doesn’t involve the growth of oneself. As a matter of fact, the growth of oneself is the only growth. The growth of oneself, by one’s own will, is conscious growth. Growth that happens by the will of other’s is what unconscious growth is.

  • More on Conscious and Unconscious Growth:

Existence is such that if a human being does not grow consciously, life already has a certain pattern in place to help growth happen. For example, growing old is unconscious growth. Whether you like it or not, you will grow old. When an individual grows older, every stage in life has a certain lesson to teach him whether or not he wants to learn. For example, when a child becomes thirteen, he hits puberty and suddenly, the world around him changes. His entire vision changes. The way he sees things, the way he talks and interacts with the opposite sex; all of these changes come naturally as a result of puberty.

Can you label this natural event of puberty as growth? Yes, from a certain perspective, it is certainly a growth, but it is not the growth that has come out of your effort. Because life has to continue, therefore, it is inevitable for this kind of growth to happen. You did not consciously intend to attain puberty.

Similarly, when you grow old and reach a certain age, sex completely disappears from your life. Again this is a major change that facilitates growth, but is this conscious growth?

In life, there are many changes that happen continuously and whether we want to or not, we automatically become part of those changes. So if you have learnt a few lessons as a result of such unconscious growth, there is nothing to feel proud about. Everybody learns few things in life, not because they wanted to learn them, but because learning them was necessary for life to continue.

  • A man of consciousness goes beyond:

A man of consciousness goes beyond all unconscious growth and takes life in his own hands. This does not mean that unconscious growth will not happen. Yes, a man of consciousness will certainly have a part of him that grows unconsciously, but he won’t be a slave to it. Yes, he can enjoy all the pleasures that life brings, but he cannot drown himself into them.

Just as a man who knows how to swim does not drown, in the same way, a man who strives towards attaining consciousness cannot get himself drowned in unconsciousness, and therefore it is only a man of consciousness who enjoys life fully. Everybody else that thinks they are living life to the fullest are simply deceiving themselves.

  • Final Words:

Understanding the subtle differences between conscious and unconscious growth is the only way to evolve.

Evolution of form is not the aim of life. Evolution of the emptiness within the form is the only evolution there is. All other forms of evolution are simply deceptions.

What are your views on this? What steps have you taken in life in order to grow consciously? Do let me know in the comments down below.

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