Existence does not Give Birth to Mediocre People!

Eat, drink, and be merry is one of the mantras that a lot of us follow. As far as my own understanding goes, this mantra is a major hit among people that love to live in mediocrity. It is usually followed by people that do not understand the depth of life.

Most people in the world live almost like animals: Eat, Drink and reproduce and die. The reason the world is suffering is not because of criminals, rapists or murderers as much as it is because of these “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” kind of people. Mediocrity is one of the greatest crimes. A criminal may someday become a sage, but a mind that is mediocre has no hope.

  • A coward always remains a Coward:

A coward always remains a coward. There is no hope for a coward. This life is only lived by two categories of people – Mystics and Sinners. I have used the word Mystics because saints are not really saints. All saints are mediocre individuals who are simply trying to pretend.

A mystic is a person who is completely devoted towards living a religious life and a sinner is a person who is completely devoted towards living a sinful life. For a sinner there is hope that he may turn back from his sin someday.

  • God Loves the Sinner:

You may have heard the phrase, “God loves the sinner”. I always wondered the reason why God loved the sinner. I then realised that a sinner is really a very simple human being. He is not concerned about his reputation in society. He is not concerned about anything.

A sinner is someone who is searching for God in all the wrong places and that is the reason why he commits sin. If someday, he encounters a mystic; his life will take a complete 360 degree turn.

  • No Hope for the Mediocre:

The reason I emphasised so much on the sinner and mystic is to give you a simple understanding that in life you can either belong to one of the two categories. If you are a mediocre person there is no hope for you.

Years ago, a colleague of mine and I were discussing about this while we were in the office cafeteria having our breakfast. My colleague was working for a good post in the organisation. I told her that it must feel great to work for a prestigious post. She told me that it was all futile. I remember her telling me, that in life only two kinds of people succeed: Either the extremely intelligent kind of people or the geniuses as we call them, or the failures, and dropouts.

She told me that as far as she was concerned, she had always been an average person. Even in school she was just average. She told me that If she had to choose she would either choose to be a topper of the class or a failure, but unfortunately she was just average. This whole being average thing remained with her even as she grew older. So, although, she was at a good post, she wasn’t really happy with life.

  • The Moment of Realisation:

The conversation I had with her gave me tremendous insight. I could see the truth in her words. I began to look back at my entire life and I noticed how I too fell into the same category of the mediocre kind of people.

Immediately, in that moment, I felt a tremendous sadness descend on me. Since that day, I started to do everything I could rise above my mediocrity. I didn’t want to be old someday and realise that I had wasted my entire life. I tried my best to do whatever I could in order to grow and be more.

  • Small Events in Life can be Crucial:

This conversation with my colleague happened back in 2013. I now look back at those days and realise how, even small events in life can be so crucial. If you really pay attention to life, you will notice that life always has profound lessons to teach us in order that we may rise above our mediocrity.

This colleague of mine was a very brilliant woman. She was not mediocre in any way, but she was way too identified with the fact that she was average. If she wanted to, she could immediately decide to give up her mediocrity, but perhaps the idea that she was just “average” had been ingrained deeply into her being.

  • No Human Being is Average:

Years later, I realised that no human being is really average. Existence does not produce average minded people. Existence does not give birth to cowards. It does not give birth to the “Eat, Drink and be Merry” kind of people. In fact, all of these things are actually social conditionings. Mediocrity is not our nature, but in fact, a social conditioning.

Always remember that the society that you live in is very mediocre, and because we live according to the society, we feel that we too are just mediocre.

  • You are More than what You Think You are:

For a moment, if you can imagine yourself to just be the way you are, without any conditionings, you will notice that you are more than what you think you are. When I say that, I do not mean it in an egoistic sense.

When I say that you are not mediocre, I don’t mean to say that you are some kind of a God. All I mean is that you are unique. Just like you, everybody else is unique as well. Hence, there is no reason to be arrogant about it. The moment you become arrogant, again you fall into the trap of mediocrity.

  • Final Words:

I want you to simply look at yourself just as you are. Don’t try to attach any kind of a label on yourself, because all labels are social conditionings.

The moment you associate yourself with labels, immediately you will become mediocre. Intelligent people do not need to live with labels. For an intelligent man, his intelligent is enough to support his whole life. Only a mind that is mediocre requires labels.

The day you realise that you are not mediocre; a profound sense of wellbeing will descend upon you. That will be a day of tremendous celebration because the day you realise your capabilities as an individual is the day you take the first step on the path towards self-awakening. From that day onwards, there is no looking back.

Let me know what are your views on this. When did you first realise that you were not mediocre? Do let me know in the comments down below. If you are facing any struggles in life, or if you feel like you are unable to overcome certain challenges, do let me know via Email at email@mysticmankind.com and If possible I’ll write an article answering your question. Your identity will be kept confidential.

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