Does Going to The Gym Really Make You Healthy?

True health, is health of Being – Mooji.

People have lately become quite conscious about their health these days. Going to the gym has become one of the ways to achieve health. I personally love the whole idea of staying healthy and fit. What I hate is the fact that in the past couple of years, the whole concept and idea behind health and fitness has changed. It has taken a completely wrong turn. Instead of moving towards a healthy lifestyle, people have become obsessed.

  • My Story:

When I was a teenager, I loved going to the gym. Back then I was very skinny. When people asked me why I was going to the gym, I would always tell them that I wanted to look fit. There is absolutely no denial in the fact that I wanted to look and be fit, but as I started to focus more on myself, I realized that fitness was not my primary motive. There were other underlying reasons for joining the gym.

For the most part of my life during my college days, I did not have a girlfriend. To add to the misery, I sucked at conversations. My friend circle at college was almost non-existent. I still remember how miserable my life was.

Years later, I became a little more conscious about my actions and mind.  Everything I did back then revolved around the fact that I was in search of validation from other people especially women. I did this to feel good about myself.

I became obsessed with the gym, and while I was doing a pretty decent job with improving my physique, I noticed that my mind was still the same. My self-esteem was pretty low. My intelligence was diminishing.

It felt as though I were some sort of a machine with no soul. Outer circumstances would somehow create a certain trigger to do things or act in a certain way.

I realized that I went to the gym for all the wrong reasons. I was trying to fix a part of myself by just working on the surface.

  • Why do People Join the Gym?

There is a reason I started with my story. I didn’t want you or others reading this to look stupid. Everybody should know that I was just as stupid as most of you were, or are at the moment.

I can say confidently that a lot of people who join the gym are people who for the most part are superficial. They are somehow trying to fill a certain void within themselves. Observe people including yourself carefully and you will understand what I’m saying.

It is difficult to find people who go to the gym for the sole purpose of staying healthy. There are always other underlying reasons for doing a certain thing.

  • Misconceptions about Being Healthy:

Remember that having a nice round butt, a wide chest, broad shoulders, and six-pack abs have nothing to do with staying healthy. As much as I would like to say that going to the gym makes a person healthy, it does exactly the opposite.

I have seen women go to the gym just to increase the size of their bottoms and to look physically attractive. It wouldn’t have been that big of a problem if women did just that. The problem is when you choose to showcase yourself on social media.

I remember the first time when I started an Instagram account. I was shocked to see the number of women who are on Instagram just to expose their assets. They encourage other women to do the same too. Of course, nobody says that directly, but that is a subliminal message that is being transferred to our minds.

The other surprising thing is that these women give beautiful names to all of these ugly things. Monday motivation, fitness, health, yoga – all beautiful words, captions, and hashtags to give people the idea that their intention is fitness. I don’t think so. There are many ways to be fit. Wearing yoga pants and squatting right in front of a camera is certainly not health.

  • The mad, mad world we’re Living in:

What kind of mad world are we living in? I have seen so many women who are attractive naturally and have absolutely no need to go to the gym, but because of these few so called celebrities on Instagram, and other social media they feel like they need to be a little more perfect.

In the west, there is this huge obsession of women having a thigh gap, because it is considered attractive by men. Every woman wants that bikini body to somehow fit with the shallow idea of beauty that people have.

While it is great to go to the gym and work out on your assets, it is important to remember to not make a big deal about it. Do not showcase yourself in front of the whole world. There is nothing feminine or attractive about women who go throughout their day trying to figure out what to eat, how many hours to work out,  and what kinds of dresses to wear that will help their assets stand out.

  • The Amount of Time We Waste on Improving our Body:

Can you imagine how many hours you put into your body? I mean women are so much focused on their physical beauty that they have completely forgotten that there is any other beauty that goes deeper than their skin.

You may disagree and say that you just invest few hours in the gym. How is it an obsession if you spend just an hour or so at the gym? If you just take a look into your mind, you will notice that all your thoughts only revolve around physical beauty.

You may spend just an hour or so at the gym but even when you’re outside the gym, your mind still remains inside it. You think continuously about what food you should eat and how much proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals your body needs.

Not just that, even your conversations revolve around fitness. You go to office and discuss what kind of dress will make your butt look bigger, or what kind of exercises will make your breasts firm. Now, what kind of fitness is this? To me, it seems more like a mental illness.

  • Men are No Different:

Men as well are sailing in the same boat. All the fitness and motivation pages on facebook and other social media are started by insecure men. Why would anybody want someone to have big muscles? What is the purpose? It is okay if you’re doing it for yourself, but don’t try to make it a trend. Don’t make something an obsession.

What are you trying to prove when you take pictures shirtless and post them on social media? it only shows that you perhaps have no other quality which can motivate a person on a deeper level. The easiest way is to show your muscles. In that way you look strong; you look tough. Now, this strength and toughness will somehow hide your inner flaws. It will not make you look weak on the inside.

The exact opposite happens. The more you make yourself strong on the outside, the more clearly your inner flaws become visible. Your outer strength creates a great contrast between your outer and inner world. Of course, only a few individuals will be able to recognize those flaws.

  • Nothing Wrong with Wanting to Look Beautiful:

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful, but it should not be at the cost of losing your individuality.

Nothing wrong with wanting to be fit either. A nice proportionate body with firm assets looks great, but if your entire life revolves around physical beauty, then, unfortunately, you don’t need to visit the gym as much as you need to visit a psychiatrist.

  • Identifying the Roots from where the problem Arises:

A lot of people complain about how our generation is degrading, but nobody goes into the roots to find out where the problem begins. We’ve had beautiful people in the past. Scientists, psychologists, mystics, and all sorts of geniuses. Even today, I do not deny the fact that there are people who still have the same capabilities.

The only difference is that today, the generation is being dominated by people who are only concerned about increasing their net worth, having homes worth millions of dollars, trying to increase the size of their wardrobe, and superficial things like these.

  • The Good Old Days:

In the past, the situation was completely different – The world was dominated by the geniuses. The entire era seems to have almost come to an end where the whole world looked up to and sought inspiration from great people. People like Albert Einstein, Buddha, Rabindranath Tagore, and others who were the real heroes.

During the days of Gautam Buddha, there were lands that were ruled by great kings. The people that lived in a certain area were under the rule of a certain king. Every land had their own king.

One of the highlights was that in those days, for a king to be respectable and worthy to rule over a certain land, it was necessary for him to take life lessons from the Buddha.

In those days it was compulsory for every king to develop certain inner qualities. For this, the kings would be given teachings on awareness, patience, love, and compassion. If the Buddha was not available to deliver a certain teaching, an ordained disciple would be sent. In this way, the message can be given exactly the way it is intended to be. This was the practice in India years ago.

These days, people do not value such qualities. Of course, we all talk about love, compassion, peace and so on, but this is all gossip. People enjoy talking about these things. It has become a good topic of conversation. Nothing more than that.

  • Ask yourself Vital Questions:

You may have a great body, millions of dollars, a huge home, but who are you and what are you doing here on this earth? You really need to start asking yourself these questions. Years ago, people really cared about tapping into their inner wealth, and the entire world is indebted to these few people.

These days our inspiration comes from people like movie stars, fake businessmen, entrepreneurs, and people who do not even deserve an iota of attention.

  • Shift your Focus:

We need to shift our entire focus from all these fake people and give our time, energy and attention to individuals who genuinely seek to take the world to the next level. When I say next level, I do not mean better homes, cars, and gadgets, but individuals who will raise the consciousness of mankind so that man can gain mastery over himself and the entire world can regain their treasures which they have buried into the depths of their being.

My whole purpose of starting this blog was to introduce you to all of those individuals that nobody had bothered to give any attention to. I want you to familiarize yourself with those people who have genuinely contributed towards the inner growth of man.

I wanted people to have the real taste of success, wealth, health and prosperity which in today’s generation are just beautiful words that lack meaning. Even if these words do have any meaning, the meaning given to them comes from people who have lived absolutely meaningless lives.

  • Read Between the Lines:

From everything that I have said above, a few people who sit at home doing nothing, and munching on potato chips all day may feel very happy about the fact that I’ve pointed out how going to the gym isn’t healthy. I want everybody to read between the lines. Don’t just read my words, read what I’m trying to point out.

I am not saying that going to the gym is an unhealthy practice. It is the people that have made it an unhealthy practice. People have misused and misunderstood the whole purpose behind it.

  • The Real Purpose of Going to the Gym:

Going to the gym contributes only to physical health. If you visit the gym to look confident, impress the opposite sex, have a higher self-esteem, then the same gym that contributes to your health will be a reason for your sickness. It is important to always have this at the back of your mind.

The next time you hit the gym, your warm up should be self-talk. In this self-talk,  remind yourself that the exercises you do are to become fit externally. You are not to use gymming as an excuse to avoid your problems which are of a mental nature.

Ask yourself how exactly is an extra weight on the rod or an extra rep going to make you more intelligent?

Is someone else who is lifting heavier weights a little more intelligent than you are? Does spending so much time researching the web for what foods need to be avoided in order to have a six-pack really help your inner growth? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Never Obsess over Anything in Life:

Whether physical or spiritual growth, never obsess over anything in life. Both physical health, and spiritual growth can become sicknesses of the mind if there is even an iota of obsession.

If you obsess over knowledge; you will become a scholar, but you will lack wisdom. If you obsess over beauty, you may be crowned as a beauty queen, but you will end up becoming ugly. Similarly, if you obsess over wealth, you will be titled as the wealthiest man in the entire world, but your soul will be that of a beggar. You will have everything, but you will have no soul.

  • The Greatest Possession:

Remember that the most important thing a man possesses is his soul. Never trade your soul for anything in this world. Everything that you think you possess is simply utilitarian.

Your body is nothing more than a rented home. The lease is going to expire someday, and the owner is going to ask for the keys. What a waste of time and energy it would be in trying to decorate this rented home which, in the end, is going to disappear into the earth!

Of course, while you are living in this home that you call your body, it is necessary to keep it clean, nourish it and help it stay healthy for as long as possible. Although, you should never forget the purpose for which you had rented this home?

You had rented this home so that it may help you move beyond it. Yes, this home will keep you warm and safe. Don’t make this home your prison. Remember to use everything in life for the nourishment of the soul. Anything in life that helps you become more intelligent is always the right thing to do.

So really, what matters is not what you’re doing, but how and why you’re doing it.

  • Everything in Life Needs Awareness:

You need to do everything in life with a certain level of awareness. Therefore all mystics have emphasized the importance of meditation. Anyway, that’s a whole new topic by itself which I will discuss later.

My intention in writing this was not to criticize you. You need to be able to draw a line with everything that you do – that’s all I’m saying.

Everything in life has its limits, and to stay within those limits is to be sane. Going beyond limits is insanity.

What are your views? I would love to hear from you. Do share your opinions in the comments.

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