Law of Attraction – Why does it not work for me?

The Law of Attraction has become one of the most widely talked about topics ever since people got introduced to the secret. The first time I began writing, I was a little skeptical whether I should talk about the Law of Attraction simply because to me, a lot of people use the Law of Attraction for very trivial things in life. I somehow felt that the Law of Attraction had become just another way for people to fulfill their own selfish desires. To a major extent I was right, but over the years things have changed and I’ve noticed a lot of people use the Law of Attraction in order to move beyond the ordinary, mundane life. This is what motivates me to write this article.

One of the problems that people face in using the Law of Attraction is the fact that manifestation seems like an arduous process. There are two major reasons why this happens which I’d like to discuss.

  • Procrastination:

Procrastination is one of the major reasons why people are unable to manifest. The Law of Attraction is not just a thought oriented process, but an action oriented process as well. Of course, we all need to start with thought, but then, do not get stuck there for too long.

The process of thinking can be very pleasurable especially when you are thinking beautiful thoughts of attracting that beautiful partner, manifesting a vacation, making millions of dollars and so on. This pleasurable feeling of thought is what gets most people hooked.

Thinking then becomes not only a habit, but an addiction. This is where procrastination begins. Procrastination is basically an outcome of excessive thinking.

In my own life, there were times when I had everything in place. I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to attract a certain thing. Unfortunately, I feel into the trap of excessive thinking which thereby delayed the process of manifestation.

A lot of people talk about inspired action, but when you get so addicted to thoughts, you refrain from taking that inspired action.

A few other people complain that they do not know what action needs to be taken in order for manifestation to take place, but this is not true. Everybody is inspired to take the next step. It is just that we are too lazy to do that. The mind will say, “Hey, before you could take that action, you might want to just think a little more; perhaps, you did not exactly specify what you want”. This is how the mind helps you to procrastinate by making you feel that you still need to do more thinking.

The moment you feel that an action needs to be taken, ignore the mind completely. You will feel that you probably need to put more thought into the thing which you’re trying to attract, but always remember that inspired action comes only when your thoughts have reached a certain peak. An inspired action is an indication that you do not need to think anymore. Just act. The heart never procrastinates. It is the mind that procrastinates.

Initially the mind is very useful in the process of attracting, but you need to listen to your heart ultimately in order for you to see a tangible version of your desire.

  • Getting Rid of the Past:

There is a saying that you cannot solve your problems with the same thinking which you used when you created them. Most people directly dive into the process of attracting a certain situation or circumstance without getting rid of that old mind which had been engineered in such a way that no matter what you do, the end product which is manufactured is misery.

Yes, you may attract a beautiful partner, or a career, but all these things are just superficial. After a while, you would realize that all of these things which you have been attracting after applying the Law of Attraction are simply ugly things that have been delivered to you by the universe in attractive packages.

The problem is not the universe, but your old mind. Your thought patterns, your old habits, and your negativity will keep manifesting itself in beautiful forms. Unless you do not get rid of it, there is no possibility to attract anything beautiful in your life.

So before you could even start applying the Law of Attraction, it is important that you take the time to be present and get rid of any negativity that may have happened in the past. Meditation is one of the best ways to let go of the past. Once you have gotten rid of your past, then attracting a desired circumstance becomes a cakewalk.

What are your thoughts on this? Do share your views and opinions in the comments. If there is any specific topic that you’d like me to cover related to the Law of Attraction or any other topic related to spirituality or mysticism, do let me know in the comments or via email.

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