How To Live Life Without Any Purpose – Giving up Struggle!

The meaning and purpose of dancing is the dance. Like music also, it is fulfilled in each moment of its course. You do not play a sonata in order to reach the final chord, and if the meaning in things were simply in ends, composers would write nothing but finales – Alan Watts.

We have all grown up to believe that life has a certain purpose. I completely disagree with the statement. Why? Because of what I’ve come to understand from my own life experiences and the way things work.

Have you ever observed a river flowing? Looking at the river flow, the mind immediately questions, “Why is the river flowing?” Some may say that the river flows because it needs to reach the ocean. Someone else may say that the river flows so that the birds, animals, or humans may drink from it.What we do not realise is that the same river that you’ve been sitting by today was flowing yesterday too; It has been flowing for thousands of years even when you weren’t here.

What we do not realise is that the same river that you’ve been sitting by today was flowing yesterday too; It has been flowing for thousands of years even when you weren’t here.

The fact of the matter is that the river has no purpose in flowing. It does not flow for you, or for anybody else. It has no reason to flow. The river flows because that is its nature.

The sun shines not for you or any particular individual, it shines because that is the nature of the sun. Similarly, you too exist here on this earth not to fulfill a certain purpose.

  • A Childhood Conditioning to Live with a certain Purpose:

You have been trained to live life with a certain purpose, ever since you were a child. The people who were responsible to provide you with food clothing, shelter, knowledge have told you to create a certain meaning in your life, or to do something that will make your life meaningful.

Unfortunately, life works in strange ways. Life loses all its meaning for a man who is continuously in search of meaning. On the other hand, a man who has forgotten all about creating meaning in life is the only person whose life consists of any value, or meaning.

Your parents, teachers and those around you may tell you that you are born into a family of businessmen and so your purpose is to become a buisinessman. An indivdual born to parents who are doctors, will tell him that God has brought him exclusively for the purpose of healing people.

According to the same logic, if a man is born in a carpentars family, what is his purpose then? To chop wood? Or if a man is born in a cobblers family, does it mean that his purpose is to polish shoes? Obviously, nobody wants their child to become a carentar, a cobbler or get into a certain field which does not have any value to the mainstream world.

  • Life a life with No concepts, Mantras, or Philosophies:

People live life with all kinds of concepts, mantras, philoosphies and so on. People live life based on all of these beautiful words and suddenly find that their lives have become ugly.

Life is bound to become ugly for a man who lives based on a certain concepts simply because that is the nature of life. Life has no purpose. It is absolutely meaningless. I know you don’t like to hear this, but things have to be said the way they are.

  • Life is Leela:

The reason I chose to write about this topic is because I happened to remember the hindu word, “Leela” which means play. Hindu’s say that life is a play. For a lazy person like me, there can be nothing else that sounds more beautiful than this.

The first time I heard that statement, I felt like it was too good to be true. The reason is that as a teenager I continuously struggled to find something that I loved to do. There was a time when all of my friends had already decided what it is that they’re going to do in life and there I was still trying to figure out why am I here and what my purpose is.

I became so obsessed with this whole idea that even while I was sitting at my examination desk rather than thinking of how I’m going to answer a particular question I was instead thinking to myself, “Is this why I have come here – to give this examination?”. Obviously I ended up dropping out in my final year. I failed every examination that I attended.

  • 24 Years of Life spent in trying to find my Purpose:

I spent almost 24 years of my life in trying to figure out my purpose until I finally just gave up and relaxed. Deep inside of me, I thought I’d be better off just doing what I loved to do. Even the most trivial things in life like travelling on my way to work, eating the food I loved, or working out at the Gym I started to enjoy.

I used to work for a certain company at the time, and I remember how much I enjoyed working there. I spent hours in office without feeling any stress simply because I enjoyed my work too. After working for a few years I felt I needed to enjoy a little more so I resigned from the job.

For more than 2 years I did almost nothing, and when I say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing as far as prodicitvity is concerned. For more than two years all I did was read books, sit in silence for hours, eat my favourite foods, drink beer, and enjoy.

Looking at the way I was living life my parents became tensed because for more than a year, I did not earn a single penny. I forgot everything about my future. I forgot about marriage, making a family, having a stable source of income for my future and just lived life like a vagabond.

My parents finally quit and left me on my own and I remember how contented I felt. At times I did feel that I was wasting my life, but I reminded myself continuously that I needed to enjoy whatever I was doing.

  • When I Chose to Write:

Even the day that I began writing I enjoyed every moment of it. I don’t feel like I am a great writer or that writing is my purpose in life. I write because I enjoy doing it.

The reason why I started Mystic Mankind was not with the intention of helping anobody either. I had spent the last 2 years of my life in such joy that I just couldn’t contain it all inside of me. It felt like I had to share a part of me with individuals who feel lost, discontented, and unhappy in their lives – Just the way I felt years ago.

I do feel anxious, tense, and depressed from time to time even today, but not in the same way that I felt before. I don’t feel helpless unlike before. If I feel depressed or tense, I do not try to change it anymore. I simply accept it, and it goes away, just the way it came.

The reason I shared my story in this article is not so that you can compare your life with mine. I am certainly not suggesting anyone that they should leave their jobs, sit at home and enjoy.

At the time, doing nothing came naturally to me. I had worked very hard for many years. The intensity with which I had worked through my entire life is what gave me the courage to relax. Relaxation is only possible when action has come to it’s peak.

My years of struggle had brough me to a peak, and it was impossible to go any further. Obviously, I had to relax because there was nothing to do in life.

  • Forget about the Future and Find Meaning NOW:

The moment you forget everything about the future is the moment that life loses all its purpose. The idea itself that life has to have a certain purpose sounds so stupid. The day you realise that life is a play, you will discover how foolish you were all this while. Even the fact that this question came to your mind will make you feel stupid, because life in itself is complete.

Life needs to have a purpose only if it lacks something. Life fortunately does not lack anythging. Existence is abundant and so is everything that is part of it. Just sit back, relax and see how life takes over. If you decide to fix anything in this world, you will only end up destroying it.

Order is an inherent part of nature. You just have to align yourself with it, and flow.

  • Stop Fighting against Crisis:

If you observe what people are doing in this world it would be enough for you to realise what I’ve just said.

I have heard a lot of people say that the world is in a crisis. Global warming, poverty, extinction of certain animal species is destroying this planet. All of these problems have been created by people who were trying to find purpose or add meaning to people’s lives.

All of this may sound strange, but it really isn’t. The foolishness of man can make the impossible possible.

Man has cut millions of trees to build houses because the population was increasing. Why did the population increase? Because people felt that it was their purpose to raise more kids. Using contraceptives is a sin because it destroys the basic purpose of procreation in life.

This one foolish idea of sin that entered into man’s mind has caused this whole problem of Global warming. It was man’s foolish ideas that have led to the problems that we’re facing today.

The people of today have now made it their purpose to help annihilate this crisis which they themselves have created in the first place. You will observe people everywhere around the world trying to start businesses, companies to solve the problems that people are facing and it won’t be surprising if we end up getting ourselves in a deeper ditch in the future if we continue with this idea of living life with a purpose.

  • The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions:

You may have heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. There is no difference between the people who have good intentions and the people who live life based on a certain purpose – they are both the same.

Ninety-five percent of the things that we do in life are useless. If you can just stop right at this moment and look at what you’re doing you would notice that a massive amount of energy that is being wasted in fulfilling a certain purpose can instead be used to enjoy, love and celebrate life.

  • Focus on the Essential:

Always focus only on the essential aspects of life. We will only be able to do those essential things with ease and effeciency if we have the courage to stop doing the things that we waste so much time on.

When more than half your life energy is being saved from avoiding the things that are nonessential your entire life is filled with Joy.

What does one do with all the energy that is saved? Energy finds its own ways in expressing itself. The universe has the opportunity to work through you when you are at ease and completely relaxed.

Have you noticed how all your genius ideas in life come when you are in the shower absolutely relaxed? Anything valuable is discovered only in a state of relaxation. You will find solutions only when you do not search for them. The more you seek for a solution, the more you miss it.

  • Life works Illogically:

The way that life works is absolutely illogical.  Life jumps directly from the problem to the solution. Life a purposeless life and everything will works just fine. In a state of purposelessness every action you take will bring immediate and precise results.

Whenever you are struggling with life, remember the word leela.  The only way to win in this world is to live life playfully. Give up struggle and life will be beautiful again.

What are your views on living life with no purpose? Share your opinions or experiences in the comments down below.

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