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Individuals throughout the world have pushed themselves into this unending worldly abyss which is filled with all kinds of noises. The world is beautiful the way it is. Technology, comfort, and luxury have made man’s life more comfortable than ever before. Although, deep down, there is a certain sense of loneliness, depression, and hatred. These negative emotions have brought man to a point of complete insanity.

  • The search for meaning:

In the midst of all the chaos that goes around in the world, there are a few brave of individuals who seek answers to key questions. What is the meaning of life? How can I improve my health? Can I be a better human being, if yes, then how? Why am I here? What is love? Can life be made more meaningful? These are the type of questions that come to the mind of a seeker of truth.

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, or other questions similar to these, your search is over.
Hi there! My name is Herman, and I am the author behind this blog.

  • People who try to help, but failed:

Throughout our lives, we have all sorts of people who try to help us in one way or another. We have our parents, teachers, family members, friends, colleagues, religious leaders and a thousand and one individuals who try to help us. They somehow try to give us their perspective on life, love, health, God, and concepts like these. They do this with the hope that our lives will somehow be enriched. Unfortunately, the exact opposite happens.

  • The Mystic Perspective:

In times like these, where nobody seems to be able to offer anything worth learning or applying in life, a Mystic comes into the picture. Mystic Mankind is a blog dedicated to offer you a fresh perspective into all areas of life especially those areas where individuals struggle a lot. When I talk about offering a certain perspective, I am not saying that you will be given a certain advice on what needs to be done, or a certain teaching which you can take home with you to get you through the day. No, this is not the reason why I started this blog.

  • The purpose of Mystic Mankind:

In my vision, every human being is fully capable of making his life more beautiful, vibrant, peaceful and ecstatic. All that is needed is an understanding of oneself – this is exactly why I started this blog. An understanding of oneself does not require you to fast, perform certain rituals, or go to the Himalayas in search of seclusion. An understanding of oneself will arise as soon as all of those things which we have learnt over the years can somehow be erased from our minds.

Therefore, my aim with Mystic Mankind is completely opposite to what most blogs, spiritual teachers, or gurus try to do. I have nothing to teach, because in my own life, I haven’t learnt much. What I did instead was unlearn everything that was taught to me. I feel that unlearning is one of the greatest learning processes in life, because it introduces an individual to himself. It shows him what he is exactly on the inside, just like a mirror reflects your face exactly the way it is.

I think I’ve written a lot so far, so let me leave it to you now. I will let my articles do the talking.

As I update my content on the blog every week, I will add links to some of the words and sentences that I have written here which I feel may be useful towards understanding the entire concept behind the blog better. So if you’re still kinda confused on who a mystic is, what is mysticism, or many other random terms that you come across on this website, do not worry, I’ve got you covered.

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