Why is it NOT possible to attain Perfection?

Human beings for thousands of years have been in search of attaining perfection no matter what it is that they do. Perfection seems to be the highest priority in life.

Whether you are a painter, dancer, musician or even an ordinary shoemaker or someone who works for a regular nine-to-five job; we all seek perfection. This is man’s reality. The fact that he cannot remain stable in one place is the greatest blessing and also the greatest curse.

The blessing lies in the fact that humankind has developed greatly as far as technology, comfort, and luxury is concerned. It is man’s constant search for perfection that has brought the earth to the point where it is at the moment.

The curse lies in the fact that perfection is impossible to attain. Why is it so? People have been chasing to become perfect only because they have not understood perfection. If we understand what perfection is, we will never run after it. This does not in any way mean that development in the outside and inside world will not be possible. Development will definitely be as much a possibility as it was before with a major difference: The difference is in the fact that man will no longer be tensed.

  • Understanding the Truth:

Understanding the truth is one of the most beautiful things in life because only in understanding is one able to live life. Your whole approach towards life changes the moment this understanding dawns upon you. That is why Jesus says, the truth sets you free.

The truth sets a man free because the truth gives you a complete picture of a certain thing. Our understanding of life is always partial. Have you not observed that even if you are looking at a certain object, you cannot look at it entirely because, at any given time, you can only observe and study a part of it.

This applies to everything in nature. That is why scientists are so tensed. They have tried to understand things in their totality, but have never managed to do so. Why? Because life as such cannot be understood completely unless we know certain principles and laws based on which it works.

Perfection is one such truth that needs to be understood because it is one of those things that is very intimate with man and woman’s nature.

  • Even a small child seeks perfection:

A child too in one way or another is seeking perfection, although children are not as tensed about achieving it and therefore they look more radiant and relaxed. Children are always joyful and ecstatic because their search for perfection is not a tense state of affairs. It is an absolutely relaxed way of seeking perfection and therefore every child is perfect. Have you ever come across a child that is imperfect?

Even if a small child is handicapped in some way, he is far more perfect than an adult who is completely fit and healthy. The child’s health comes from his understanding of life. Unfortunately, as the child grows up we start training him to understand the ways of the world. Gradually he loses his abilities. He becomes retarded.

It is not surprising that every child is born as a genius and as he grows up, he becomes retarded. The education and training that we give to our children is designed to create insane human beings. The proof of this lies in all the wars that have been fought over the years.

  • The entire world is fighting for Perfection:

Man has been fighting all his life to attain this thing called perfection. One nation is trying to prove its superiority over other nation – This is basically what wars are all about. In fact, everything that we do in life is nothing but a war.

Wars are not something that are only fought on battlegrounds by the military, army and soldiers – Every company, institution, society, or system is fighting a war in some way or the other. This war that is being fought is to achieve perfection.

Once a person attains victory, he immediately looks at himself and feels silly. I have heard a song in which the artist says that the dream to achieve something in life is more of an achievement than actually achieving the dream – When I first heard this, I was glad that there are people who actually realise it.

With this basic understanding, we can move ahead and actually get into the whole subject of why perfection isn’t possible.

  • Why is it not possible to attain Perfection:

When we use the word perfection, it means to come to a state where you have accomplished fully what had to be achieved. Now there is nothing to achieve. There are only two types of perfect people in the world. The only two people in the world who are perfect is a dead man and a man who has achieved enlightenment.

Dead people are perfect because they have come to a standstill. There is nothing more to achieve now. They can rest safely in their graves without any worries – This is what perfection is. That is why whenever a man run’s after fame, money, prestige, respect and superficial things like these, immediately after attaining them, he feels dead on the inside.

Have you not experienced this in your own life? You work so hard to become a graduate or get a PhD in a certain subject and finally, graduation day has come and you have been given your certificate. Now what? For a day, a week or two you will be celebrating and very soon you will ask yourself. What now? You will feel a deep emptiness inside of you which you have never felt before.

That is how things in life are for a person who is constantly seeking perfection. To seek perfection is to look for the future, and the future is always far ahead. Tomorrow never comes. As much as this sounds like a cliché, it is important to understand this statement fully.

A dog trying to run after its own tail is the perfect example of what a man looks like when trying to seek perfection.

To experience and understand that tomorrow never comes is one of the most profound things in life to learn, because though this understanding man understands life.

  • The enlightened man:

We then have an enlightened man. An enlightened man is a perfect man. You would hear enlightened people say quite often that the life that you are currently living is perfect as it is.

Eckhart Tolle calls it living in the now. The entire teaching of Eckhart Tolle is based on the fact that everything worth having in life is present in the now.

Most people think of this to be some sort of a philosophy or perhaps a statement too good to be true, but if you have observed life carefully, you would understand this to be one of the greatest truths.

Also, an elightened man too is not really perfect. Yes, if you look at enlightenment itself, it is perfect.Enlightenment is perfect but unless you are in the body, there is still a part of you that is imperfect. So when I say that an elightened man is perfect, I am only referring to his consciousness, not his actual physical self.

Enlightenment is perfect but unless you are in the body, there is still a part of you that is imperfect. So when I say that an elightened man is perfect, I am only referring to his consciousness, not his actual physical self.

As far as the physical self is concerned, nobody is perfect. Therefore, when an enlightened man says that you are perfect as you are, he is not referring to you, but the consciousness that is within you. So, it is important to understand how to stay connected with this “consciousness” part of you so that you can be perfect in each moment.

  • Life is simple:

Life is very simple and so are the lessons that are part of it. Our schools and colleges have trained us to understand complicated things and that is why it becomes so difficult for you to comprehend things that are plain and simple.

If people call you insane, twisted, complicated and so on, you are a lucky man, because what they are really saying is that you are a simple, ordinary man.

To be ordinary in the world that is constantly seeking extraordinariness is the only sane thing. Life, as it is right now is perfect.

  • Don’t make perfection a goal, it is already present:

When I say that perfection is impossible, I only mean that perfection, when made into a goal, is impossible to achieve, because perfection is the truth of man. Man as he is, is already perfect.

There is nowhere to go in life. Why? Why is it that there is nowhere to go in life? There is nowhere to go because perfection is not a goal to be sought, but a reality to be lived. The moment you accept yourself, you have already started growing, and growth is perfection.

  • Life has a quality of acceptance to it:

The reason why everything is so beautiful in the world is because life has a quality of acceptance to it. You are life, accept yourself.

The sky is not wishing to be the earth. The apple tree is not trying to be like the oak tree. The bird that is flying in the sky is not trying to be like a lion. Man is the only creature that is constantly trying to become something. In that very hope of wanting to become something, he becomes everything but what he wishes to become.

Man wants to become a genius, but he ends up becoming mad. He wants to be the king, but he becomes a beggar. This is how life works. The moment you have set a goal far into the future, you have missed your potential.

  • To Surrender is to Attain Perfection:

The target that you are aiming for is already present within you. Whatever you want to achieve is present here. The seed wants to become a tree, but it is already a tree. What is missing then? Why has the seed not become a tree yet?

The seed has not become a tree because it thinks that it is a seed. The seed is not really a seed, but just an excuse to protect the tree inside it. The moment the seed looks within itself, it finds its real potential and in that moment, it surrenders to the soil. The moment the seed surrenders itself into the soil, immediately, it breaks open and with the passage of time, it becomes what it already was.

A seed is a seed only until it is under the illusion that it has to become a tree somewhere in the future. The moment the seed realises that it is already a tree, it immediately surrenders itself into the ground. In that surrendering, transformation happens.

Once you have surrendered to life, you become perfect. Even as you are now, whether you are broke, living in a rented apartment barely being able to make it, or whichever situation you happen to be in – remember that it is out of this situation that your growth is possible.

  • Surrender is a constant process:

Always remember that surrender is a constant process. Until you have not reached enlightenment, you have to go on surrendering.

Yes, you can enjoy and delight in everything that you have achieved, but once you have enjoyed it totally, remember again that a longing will arise in your heart to move even beyond that stage which at one point in life you wanted to achieve so bad.

Now again you can fall into the same trap of wishing to achieve your new goal, but always remember that again, just like before, the goal you wish to achieve is already present inside of you. All you need to do is realise this and surrender. Each moment of surrender gets you closer towards achieving that which you see as a possibility only in the future.

So always remember this word surrender, and make it a part of your living experience.

What are your views and opinions on perfection? Do share them in the comments down below.

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