Why you Shouldn’t celebrate your Birthday?

Every human being has a great misunderstanding that they are born. We all celebrate our birthdays with great joy, and why not? That was the day that you were born. For many years, I have stopped celebrating my birthday. Not just that, I had also stopped wishing my friends on their birthdays.

I may seem a little crazy or who knows, I probably am. I mean how sad does your life have to be that you cannot even celebrate your own birthday? As far as my own understanding goes, birthdays are absolutely meaningless. I don’t see why anybody would want to celebrate their birthday.

People celebrate their birthdays as though they have done a huge favour to mankind by stepping onto this planet. Man is not born unless he gives birth to himself. What you call as your birthday is simply the day that a home was built for you. That home is what you call your body. Are you the home, or are you the one that lives in this home?

Of course, you can’t be the home because someday the home is going to be destroyed. Who are you then and what are you doing on this earth?

  • The one-dimensional way of Living:

You will rarely find yourself growing in life because you have already assumed that you’re already that which you’re supposed to be.  The reason why humanity has not evolved as far as the spiritual world is concerned is because our way of living is one-dimensional.

When I say one-dimensional, what I mean is that we live life completely based on our sense of seeing. Our physical senses have become the only channel through which we perceive the world. There is no problem in living like this, but always remember that the way you perceive the world is the way your life becomes.

If you think that you are nothing more than the body, the same applies to everybody around you as far as your perspective goes. That is why relationships have become so bland these days. We see people as bodies, not as souls. Obviously, if people are only bodies then how you treat them doesn’t matter.

Unless you search for life beyond your body, not just your relationships, but everything else in the world will seem bland.

  • No Joy in Life:

Your life will be miserable until the day you realise that life goes beyond the body. Unless you search for that part of yourself which was never born and which will never die, life will continue to seem meaningless.

Out of this meaningless whatever you do will just add more to your misery. Even your celebration will not bring you joy but create a deeper misery within you. That is why you would notice that you feel very sad when all of your friends have left and your birthday is over. In fact, many times, on your birthday itself you would feel a certain meaninglessness within you.

You hide this meaninglessness by trying to put on makeup, dress well, go out and party and so on, but immediately after you are done with it all, you think to yourself, “Now what?”

  • The Beginning of Transformation:

The day you stop hiding behind all of these beautiful curtains and accept that your life is indeed miserable is the beginning of all transformation. From that day on, Birthday’s no longer have any meaning to you because, for the first time, every day in your life is a challenge to find something that makes your identity as an individual even stronger.

Right now, you don’t have any identity of your own. What you call as being yourself is simply a collection of thoughts, opinions and feedback given to you by others.

Who are you and why are you here? The day you ask questions like these is when your life will begin to transform.

  • The search for the Invincible:

Life is nothing but an opportunity to search for that part of yourself which is invincible. Whether you find that part of yourself or not is not the question. The fact that you are intensely searching for it is all that matters.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You have to at least start off by taking that first step. If you’ve not, I would urge you to do that as soon as you can.

  • Final Words:

So are you supposed to mourn on your birthdays? Are you supposed to cry your eyeballs out? Or are you supposed to torture yourself? I am not suggesting you do any of these things. All I’m saying is for you to stop creating all sorts of fallacies around you.

Yes, it is your birthday and you ought to celebrate it, but remember that someday you won’t be here on this earth to celebrate your birthday. Rather than trying to hide from reality, face it.

Once you have understood all of this, for the first time you will understand what real celebration is. The day you start to become really concerned about yourself is the day when you will become capable of celebrating every day.

Right now, even in the midst of celebration, there is a part of you that is mourning. Don’t torture yourself by trying to ignore that part of yourself which is demanding your attention.

The day you start giving attention to that part of yourself, you will notice that your life has become a joy and gratitude. Only a heart filled with gratitude knows what celebration is. A heart that mourns can celebrate on the outside, but that is nothing but a false celebration, a fallacy to hide the inner misery.

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