Silence – the Origin of All Creativity!

It has been a long time since I last wrote about creativity. I would like to talk a little more on the subject today. Creativity is one of the most ignored subjects. You will not find a lot of people talk about it, simply because not a lot of people really understand what it means to be creative.

In today’s article, I am going to talk about silence which is one of the most fundamental qualities required in order to discover your creative side.

  • Creativity in Silence:

The capacity to be silent is the capacity to be creative. A man who can be silent will notice a lot of changes in his life. This is why all mystics have emphasised so much on meditation. Meditation has been one of the basic teachings of all sages. Certainly, there must be a deep insight behind their emphasis.

Meditation calms the mind and reduces the flow of thoughts – this is what leads to silence.

Once silence dawns upon your being, then something inside you begins to surface. Never before did you ever know that something like this ever existed within you.

Only a selected few individuals in the world who have the capacity to be silent can discover this hidden treasure that lies within them.

The world that we’re living in has become too noisy. People are trying all possible ways to avoid silence. Perhaps this is why you do not get to hear any good music these days. Everything is just sensual. Sensuality is a result of chaos. Creativity is the result of silence. Therefore, all talk about creativity in today’s world is just talk. Creativity, in the world that we’re living in, or as we understand it to be is nothing more than sensuality.

  • Human Beings are Miniature Versions of this Earth:

An individual can be likened to the earth. The earth may seem hard and full of soil and impurities, but the same earth that is not so visually pleasing gives birth to all the things in life that we enjoy today. Billions of trees have their roots in the earth. The beauty of the tree comes from that part which is almost always ignored and mostly invisible. Not just trees, but a human being himself has his roots in the earth.

Your body is nothing but a miniature version of this earth. The moment you learn to be silent, you automatically go inwards. This going inwards is like digging the earth. It is like digging into yourself, but with no effort at all. Just being silent does the trick.

To achieve something in the outside world, you need to do thousand and one things, but as far as discovering your inner qualities are concerned, all you need to do is be silent.

  • Skill and Creativity:

Creativity is not a quality that is developed as a result of leaning a certain skill. In fact, it is just the opposite. The more skilful you are, the less creative you will be because skill is a substitute for creativity. Those people who do not know how to be silent develop skill.

If you try to learn to play a musical instrument from a university, you will never know what it is to be a musician. Similarly, if you learn how to paint, you will never understand what it is to be a painter.

Music, art, poetry are all secondary – your primary concern should be, “how do I become silent?” Once you have learnt how to become silent, you will gradually become creative and then there is no harm in learning a certain skill.

Creativity always precedes skill, but a majority of people in the world think of it in the exact opposite way. The moment you see a musician play a guitar, suddenly, even you feel like playing the guitar. Or if you hear someone sing, even you try to take singing lessons – all this is simply foolish.

First, find that part of yourself which is creative, and then develop the skill. Skill is that which helps you express your inner being better, but before you express something that is inside of you is it not important to first find out what exactly is inside you?

  • Final Words:

All creativity originates in silence. The first step is to become silent. Once you have learnt to become silent, suddenly creativity starts to reveal itself to you. Once you have found that part of you which is creative, then develop the skill to express that part of yourself.

These are the ways in which an individual can grow and become more in life. Although, the key here is silence. Silence precedes everything. Without it, creativity is just a dream, and skill is nothing but a false mask to pretend that you are creative.

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