Why do Most Women seem like Gold Diggers?

I was recently on YouTube and came across a couple of videos and pranks which portrayed women as Gold diggers.

Not just on YouTube, but the word itself has been used so often over the internet that it creates a huge gap between men and women.

Even in our conversations, we often hear our friends talk about women being Gold Diggers. A woman always seems to be interested in men who have more wealth. To most men out there who are not doing well financially, this seems like a total deal breaker.

All of these things that I’ve come across have compelled me to write this article.

The reason why most women seem like gold diggers has nothing to do with them being shallow. The entire psychology of a woman is such that she cannot help but be that way.

When a woman seeks a man who has loads of wealth, it has little to do with the wealth he has. In fact, a woman’s search for a wealthy man has a lot to do with certain qualities associated with the man as opposed to the wealth itself. I would like to discuss this in more detail.


  • A Woman’s Need for Security:

The first thing I would like to talk about is a woman’s need for security. This is a very fundamental reason why women seem like Gold diggers. Money brings security in many ways, and a woman’s need for security is very deep.

A man builds a house, for which money is required – this house becomes a woman’s security. So the first thing to understand is that when a woman seeks a man who is independent and has a house of his own, it has a lot to do with this need for security.

On the outside, it definitely looks as though the woman is after the man’s money, but if you notice from the example I just gave above, money is just an indirect way of asking for security.

A woman will check for a man’s bank balance and things like that, but all of these things are just superficial. Basically, through a man who has wealth, a woman is searching for security.

  • Why search for security when you have yourself?

The first question that arises in an individual’s mind is: “Why search for security when each individual on this earth is independent”.

First of all, it is true that each individual on earth has his own unique identity. Neither men nor women need anybody in order to feel secure, fulfilled or happy. This is the first understanding.

The second understanding is that everything in life is interdependent. People do not like to be interdependent. They would rather be independent.

Interdependence gives you the feeling that you need the other person in order to feel better about yourself. This idea is false. Interdependence has nothing to do with dependence. Do not confuse the two words.

Dependence arises out of need. Dependence arises out of lack. On the other hand, independence gives you a certain ego. When a person says he is independent, what he is basically saying is that he can exist without anything in the world.

Interdependence is a natural phenomenon occurring in existence. For example, for light to be recognised, darkness is needed. Similarly, for darkness to be labelled as “darkness”, light is needed. Darkness and Light are inseparable. They are two sides of the same coin.

Men and women as well are the same. They are inseparable. The fact that women seek men who are wealthy has nothing to do with their wealth. As a matter of fact, a woman’s search for security is deeply rooted in the fulfilment of her feminine self, which I’ll talk about in the next subtopic.

If any of this does not make sense to you, just hang on, because there are many things to understand before all the information in this article comes together.

  • Women seek men with a Vision:

I spoke about the basic need for security in a woman, which is just a superficial matter. What I’m going to be discussing now is something far more important than a woman’s need for security.

Over the years, I have noticed that women are immensely attracted towards men that are dreamers. You will see the craze that women have for musicians and actors.

If you ever talk to a woman, notice her eyes, her gestures, or her body language when she talks to you about her favourite musician, actor or artist.

A vast majority of women read romance novels, and if the writer of the novel is a man, you will notice that it is not just the writing that the woman has fallen in love with. The woman has in fact, fallen in love with the author as well.

A man with a dream or a vision is a woman’s greatest longing. So it is not important if a man has the money or not. That is not a woman’s concern at all, but it may seem like that. Why? because a man’s success in the outside world automatically makes him wealthy.

His passion for music, art, poetry or any other forms of creative expression is what makes him rich, so for a person looking at it superficially, it seems very obvious that a woman is seeking for the man’s wealth, but that isn’t the case.

  • Wealth is not the real thing, the dream is:

If you have ever observed women carefully, you would understand that a woman’s fulfilment indirectly lies in a man’s dream. It doesn’t matter who the man is. If a man can convince a woman that he is a dreamer, if he can convince her that he can become a great musician, a painter or an entrepreneur some day, the woman will immediately feel a certain attraction towards the man.

A few men have known this, and they have used this to their advantage, which I am absolutely against. This is one of the ugliest things any man can do.

The same men that play these games with women start to then blame women for being Gold Diggers. Once their sexual desires are satisfied, the woman is then forgotten.

  • A woman’s interest is always deeper:

I have rarely come across women in my life who have been Gold Diggers. In fact, I have noticed that a woman’s interests are always deeper. I have seen women fall in love with men that have absolutely nothing going on as far as looks are concerned.

Women love men that are smooth talkers, talented, or men that have a certain charisma. This is a clear indication that a woman’s involvement in man is always on a deeper level than a man’s involvement in a woman.

At the beginning of a relationship, it is surprising to see women so much involved in the subtle qualities of a man. A man, on the other hand, can ignore everything beautiful that may be part of a woman’s inside world because a man’s attraction towards a woman is basically superficial.

If a man can find a woman that is beautiful on the outside, his search has almost come to an end. In fact, it takes a few sexual encounters for a man to notice a woman’s ugliness.

  • Man and woman’s involvement with each other:

A woman, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Her interest in a man keeps getting more and more deeper as the relationship continues. That is why women find it so difficult to get into another relationship immediately after a heartbreak.

Men on the flipside do not take much time to get into another relationship. In fact, if any beautiful woman shows them sympathy they are immediately attracted.

With women, it is not so easy. It takes many months for a woman to come out of a certain trauma that a man has caused her because her involvement with the man was far deeper than the body.

  • Men and women, after a heartbreak:

Notice a man and a woman after a heartbreak. A man makes so much fuss about a breakup. He will go on for years. I have a few friends who have been crying over a breakup for years. Years go by and men do not seem to recover. This is just a man’s way of showing that he was deeply involved with the woman.

A man who has not recovered from a breakup for many years is just trying to prove that he was involved with a woman on a more deeper level than the physical.

That is why, although a woman was more deeply involved with a man, after a heartbreak, the man always suffers more than the woman. This may seem contradictory to what I just said, but you need to understand what I’m trying to highlight here.

  • Man suffers more after a heartbreak:

Logically, it is absolutely sensible that a woman should suffer more than a man after a heartbreak, but the complete opposite happens. The man suffers more than the woman.

There are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is that when a man loses a woman who loved him, he feels a deep fear inside him. He feels like he may not be able to find another woman who can love him the way she loved him. On the other hand, a woman does not suffer as much, because she doesn’t feel any guilt.

She loved the man wholeheartedly. She did everything that she could. Hence, there is no guilt involved.

Secondly, a woman suffers in instalments, unlike a man. A man’s suffering comes all at once. How often do you see men cry? Very rarely. Once in a while, they may cry. On the other hand, a woman cries almost regularly.

She may cry for absolutely silly reasons, and to men, it seems stupid, but it is a strategy. The fact that she suffers a little every day makes her feel light. She throws a little bit of her burden every day. Men collect their burden for many years and suddenly one fine day, it becomes too heavy to handle.

Therefore, a man’s anguish, pain and misery are far more overwhelming than a woman’s. You cannot compare the suffering that a man goes through. A man’s suffering can either make him insane or enlightened. Anyway, that’s a whole different topic altogether.

  • Why are women NOT Gold Diggers?

All of this finally brings us to the question we first started with: Why do women seem like Gold Diggers? If women are not Gold diggers, why does it appear like that? I’m assuming you’ve read everything carefully. If so, it should be clear to understand that we haven’t gone deeply into the psyche of a woman to find out exactly what she is in search of.

If you’ve read everything carefully, it is clear to understand that we haven’t gone deeply into the psyche of a woman to find out exactly what she is in search of.

A woman may fall in love with a man who is wealthy, but somewhere deep inside her, there is a longing to be part of the man’s dream.

A woman’s entire world revolves around dreams until she finds a man who can make her dreams more tangible. Through a man, a woman lives her own dreams – this is the crux of the matter.

  • A woman’s entire life revolves around art, music and poetry:

You will not find many women interested in creating any poetry, art, literature, and music as much a man is. Why is this so? because a woman’s whole life revolves around these things.

A woman’s entire life has a certain poetry, art, or music to it. Therefore, she does not need to do something to prove it. Unlike a man, she does not feel the need to create anything in the world, although you will be surprised to know that whatever men have created in the world is because of women.

The fact that man is so much involved in creating music, art, poetry, philosophy and things like these is because of women. If women never existed, I don’t think people like Einstein, Van-Gogh, Picasso, Mozart, or Gautam Buddha would be possible.

It is women that somehow inspire men to soar higher in life. This is the beauty of a woman. We always talk about great men, but the real credit should go to the women who have been part of their lives.A woman may not create anything which may seem valuable in the world, but from my own perspective, women have contributed far more beauty in the world than men could ever imagine.

A woman may not create anything which may seem valuable in the world, but from my own perspective, women have contributed far more beauty in the world than men could ever imagine.

The reason why a woman’s contribution is not visible is because we are basically living in a world that has given very little importance to feminine qualities.

  • Women are more subtle in their expression:

This is how feminine energy works. In terms of expression, women are far more subtle than men. Feminine energy is not aggressive. A woman’s creativity is so subtle that it is almost invisible, but ask any man who has gained anything worthwhile in life. If a man has really had some insight, he will tell you that it is all because of a certain woman in his life that his success has been possible.

It is women that compel men to do things. Therefore, it makes me sad when we label women as Gold Diggers.

The entire beauty of a woman lies in the fact that she does not want any credit in the outside world. All that a woman is seeking in life is fulfilment. When a man achieves something in life, it is a moment of great pride for the woman because what she has been dreaming for years has been fulfilled.

Have you looked into a mother’s eyes when her son accomplishes something great in life? Have you seen the love, the joy, or the pride that radiates through her entire being?

This does not mean to say that a woman cannot fulfil her dreams. Every Individual is fully capable of fulfilling his or her dreams, but the fact that a woman allows a man to do all of those things in life is one of the qualities of feminine energy. Therefore Lao Tzu, in his book refers to the Tao as being feminine.

This whole existence is feminine.

  • Final Words:

In life, everything beautiful is given to you by existence. Existence is this invisible force that creates worlds, but that force never takes the credit.

It is man who ultimately gets all the credit.

When your heart is filled with immense gratitude, you can clearly see that it is not you that is directly responsible for the masterpiece that you have painted, the song that you have sung, or the poetry that you have written. As a matter of fact, it is this invisible force that goes on doing things through you.

The role that existence plays in the life of this planet is similar to the role that women play in a man’s life. A woman, in subtle ways,  fulfils her own dreams through her man. She may not realise that, but that is exactly what she is doing.

With all of that being said, my intention was not to offend the men out there.

Secondly, with all that I’ve written about women, I am not denying the fact that Gold Diggers do not exist. Gold Diggers are everywhere, but basically, when we talk about Gold Diggers we refer to women which is what I don’t like.

Greed is part of mankind as a whole. It is unfair to associate a particular bad quality with a certain sex. I have seen men that are far greater Gold Diggers than women(If at all we could use the term Gold Diggers for men).

What are your thoughts on women being portrayed as Gold Diggers? Do share your views in the comments down below.

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